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What color is better for the lens of sunglasses?

The different effects and functions of sunglasses with different lens colors: (the brown, smoke and green series are the best)

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Smoke lens: Smoke lens could absorb any chromatogram evenly, which means the view would be darker but there is no obvious chromatic aberration. Therefore, it could offer the real and natural feeling to the wearer. Smoke color belongs to the neutral color series, which could absorb all the IR and most UV without changing the original colors of the scene. Sunglasses with smoke lenses are mild and natural which are popular among people when they travel around.

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Brown lens: Brown lens could filter most blue light, by which the visual contrast and clarity could be improved. It has a better effect when the air pollution is serious or in a foggy weather. It could block the reflected lights on a bright and smooth surface, which could guarantee the wearer to see things clearly. Thus it is the best choice for drivers. It could absorb the entire purple and green lights, and almost all the IR and UV. With soft tone, it could relax eyes. And it is the excellent safety eyewear lens.

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Green lens: Green lens can increase the amount of green light that arrives in eyes at the same time of absorbing lights. So it could make its wearer feel cool and comfortable. It is good for people whose eyes could easily become tired.

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Blue-gray lens: Blue-gray lens is similar with smoke lens, which are both belong to neutral lens, but only with a darker color and more absorption rate.

Mirror lens: The surface of the mirror lens applies mirror coating with high density. Mirror lens could absorb more reflected visible lights, which makes it perfect for people who love outdoor activities.

Yellow lens: Yellow lens could absorb UV entirely and most blue light. After the blue light is absorbed, the vision could be clearer. That explains why yellow sunglasses are popular among people who love hunting and shooting! To be strictly, yellow lens does not belong to sunglass lens for it could hardly reduce the amount of visible lights. But in the situation of foggy weather and at dusk, yellow lens could improve the contrast and offer more precise images. Therefore, it has another name, snooper scope. Some young people wear “sunglasses” with yellow lenses for decoration.

Light blue and light pink lens: Light blue and light pink lens are lenses for decoration rather than for practical use. The function for blocking UV and IR of red series lenses with red series is not as good as that of the smoke, brown and green lenses. But since pink is soft, it has a more psychological effects than practical effects.

Dark green lens: Dark green lens could absorb the IR entirely and 99% UV, and could block red and green lights. In this way, the colors of the scene would be changed. But since the hot steam is absorbed, it could make people feel cool. It is a good choice when basking but not when driving for its low transmittance and clarity.

Blue lens: Blue lens is good for having fun on beaches. It could filter the light blue color reflected by the sky and the sea.Prescription sunglasses with blue color should be avoided for it would make us unable to distinguish the colors of traffic lights.

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