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Reading Glasses

1. The Applicability of Reading Glasses

As the name suggest, reading glasses are used for reading. Usually reading glasses are worn by people who are over 40 for their eyes may lose the ability to focus at near. But there are cases when young people have difficulty in having their near vision. Therefore, when they want to read or need to see things at near, a pair of reading glasses is necessary.


2. The Theory and Functions of Reading Glasses

Reading glasses apply the theory of convex lens to magnify the objects at near.


There are three common functions of reading glasses

i. to provide people in need with clarity of near vision for their reading or other things;

ii. To ease the condition of eye fatigue. As the reduction of regulation ability of the eyes, when reading you have to try your best to see words on the book, which will result in symptoms of eye fatigue. However, when you wear a pair of reading glasses, you can read books more easily thus the condition of eye fatigue will be eased.

iii. To decrease the risk of eye diseases. If your eyes lose the ability to focus, then eye fatigue will occur; if you do not have your eyes corrected, some symptoms even worse will occur. However, with a pair of reading glasses, all the symptoms will be largely relieved and thus the risk of eye diseases will be decreased.

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