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Try On Glasses with Our Patent Try-On Technology


With the rearmost implementation of technology coupled with the web adjunction, people can now virtually sight visage with eyeglasses over them. FinestGlasses exultantly creates and introduces its patent try-on technology. It is indeed a proud innovation that secures online suitability for trying on spectacles.


Through this virtual try on method, potential clients can stop the dither and worries of displeasure after fitting a spectacle frame. A wide array of choices is laid down and established for convenience of consumers through an electronic transmission of data.


The certain protocol for fitting accuracy is meticulously organized. People at home just need to submit a photograph of their faces. Submission can be done with the aid of web and network cameras or a digital image in readable formats. The computer system defines specific points in one’s face such as the gap between pupils of the eyes so that it can identify the best suitable frame for the consumer.


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