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Polycarbonate Glasses with Tough, Light & 100% UV Protection Material, Comprehensive Functions

1. The Applicability of Polycarbonate Glasses

Polycarbonate material was originally made for uses on canopies covering fighter planes and then made its way into space on astronaut visors and space shuttle windshields. And it is also applied in the medical industry. That means the security and quality of polycarbonate are guaranteed. And its features of invulnerability and low weight make it perfect for kids’ glasses. That’s why many parents choose polycarbonate glasses for their kids.


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2. The Function of Polycarbonate Glasses

Impact Resistant: Its impact resistance makes the material extremely suitable for sports, industrial safety goggles, and children's eyewear.

Scratching: Polycarbonate material is soft, thus makes it possible for polycarbonate lenses to be scratched. Therefore, every single one of our polycarbonate lenses is multi-coated with hard coating that forms a protective layer around the lenses allowing the lenses to be free from scratches while retaining its impact resistant qualities.

UV Protection: Polycarbonate lenses inherently carries UV protection properties that blocks nearly 100% of the UV rays from entering the back of the retina.

Aspherical Lens Design: The design reduces lens thickness and weight. Furthermore, it eliminates spherical aberration and barrel distortion resulting from traditional lens design. The image will be sharper and clearer.

FDA Ball Drop Test: Polycarbonate material passes the FDA Ball Drop Test.


3. Filling a Prescription of Polycarbonate Glasses


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Polycarbonate lens could be applied to any kind of frames at FinestGlasses.com.
For prescription glasses, polycarbonate lens, the index of which is 1.59, can be only applied to single vision glasses and progressive glasses.

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