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PD Self Test - Measure your pupillary distance by your self !

(PD) pupillary distance

What is PD or pupillary distance?

You may possibly hear about PD or pupillary distance. But you may not know exactly what it is. PD or pupillary distance refers to the distance from the center of the pupil in one eye to the center of the pupil in the other eye. The chart here shows the ordinary method of measuring PD by using a simple millimetre ruler.


PD Self Test Online

The PD self test, or pupillary distance self test, tells you volumes about your eyes and it is actually through online. It can tell you which glasses would fit well for you, as well as which glasses aren't good options for you. This is another useful test that we offer clients. You will only need to upload a photo of yourself (or get a webcam capture) while you are wearing glasses. To get accurate PD value, you will need to do a bit of simple and interesting measuring work, since you are required to measure the width of the glasses that you already own. After you input the measurements, you can find out about your pupillary distance.


The results of PD self test we offer are accurate to 0.01mm, a high precision far beyond that of ordinary measuring. With this highly accurate PD value you get, the optical center will be more able to get the right lenses for you.


PD value is usually required when you fill in the prescription. Correct PD value ensures the correct centration of your prescription lenses in front of your eyes; otherwise one will feel fatigued, dizzy or sick. That is why PD is so important for you when getting a pair of prescription glasses.


Filter Products That Match Your PD Value

After you finished PD test here, or when you are trying on glasses in finestglasses.com, you can always filter products that match your PD value. You will be able to find the glasses most suitable and confirmfortable to your eyes in shortest time. Check the option “Filter Products by My PD” on the top right of product list area, and the system will automatically list all products that match your gender, age and PD, select the glasses you are longing for and view try-on looks in just a click time.

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