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Bifocal / Progressive Lens Cost Breakdown

bifocals and progressive lenses Online

Our bifocals and progressive e have low prices because we cut out the middlemen and pass the savings onto you. You can’t really blame the clinics. Progressive and bifocal lenses cannot be kept in stock because the sheer quantity would just be overwhelming. Lenses have to be tailor to your specific prescription. Because we combined manufacturing, surfacing and edging all into one place, we are able to save you money.


Let's do some math with typical prescriptions ranges.


Average spherical value increases by 0.25 diopters from -4.00 to +4.00. That’s 32 different lenses.
Average astigmatism value increases by 0.25 diopters from -2.00 to +2.00. That’s 16 different lenses.
Average ADD power increases by 0.25 diopters from +1.00 to +3.00. That’s 12 different lenses.


Unlike single vision lenses,bifocal and progressive lenses have fixed axis due to having 2 different spherical powers combined onto one lens. That’s 180 different lenses.


So, a total of 32 X 16 X 12 X 180 = 1,105,920 unique lenses must be available to your prescription. The clinics have their hands tied, so they go to labs for bifocals and progressives, who go manufactures for semi-finished products.


We decided to skip all of that and go directly to our customers. We tailor the lens to you from the beginning to the end without all the wasted time and hassle in the middle.



bifocals and progressive lenses Online

Pick out the right pair of frames with our patented Try-On system. All frames have actual measurements inputted on the virtual mirror system so you’ll know, not guess, whether or not you found the right size frames. The technology have been designed and redesigned for over a decade to bring the most realistic experience possible. It has been copied countless times by every single other online optical store, yet never match in quality. We pride ourselves in setting the example of innovation over imitation.



bifocals and progressive lenses Online bifocals and progressive lenses Online

Our lenses have been stringently tested and surpassing both the Federal Food and Drug Administration (FDA)standards as well as European Committee for Standardization (CEN) expectations to deliver quality lenses to the public.



bifocals and progressive lenses Online bifocals and progressive lenses Online1 bifocals and progressive lenses Online2

We will not pawn your prescription to a different laboratory. All lenses are in-house. Not only does this guarantee quality, but also drastically reduce the processing time to when you receive your pair of glasses.

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