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How Do You Measure for Eyeglasses?

How Do You Measure for Eyeglasses?Purchasing prescription glasses with an accurate measurement is a very tough time for those people who are new on purchasing their eyeglasses. You must know the measurement of your frame for it is very important if you are purchasing your eyeglasses through online because you don’t have the assurance that you will get perfect glasses for your eye. How do you get the right measurement for your eyeglasses? Read this article.When you purchased a prescription glasses, you will notice that there are three numbers on its side. This numbers will look like this: 53[]17 133. This numbers will show you the size of your eyeglasses. Lens diameter, side length, and bridge width’s measurement must be in the form of millimeters. On measuring your eyeg... Read More


How To Ensure You Get Exactly What You Need If Getting Eyeglasses Online

How To Ensure You Get Exactly What You Need If Getting Eyeglasses Online Are you thinking about ordering eyeglasses online? If you are then you might have some reserves, because you might feel more comfortable using an offline storefront for this. Well using the internet can be a superior way to go about things, but only if you know how to ensure you get what you want and need. Here’s some tips to help ensure that this is the case no matter what online option you use. Double check everything before you actually make payment in order to confirm information There’s a tendency to rush things when ordering stuff online. You don’t want to do this when it comes to eyeglasses. You have certain information you can use and that you’ve imputed. You want to ma... Read More


Polarized Lenses

Cut Through Glare with Polarized Lenses Polarized lenses shield your eyes from glare, improve your vision when driving and make it easier to enjoy outdoor sports or endure harsh indoor lighting. Glare Ultraviolet (UVA and UVB) rays are not the only hazard of bright sunlight. Glare is more than annoying, it limits our vision and makes driving, boating, and other outdoor activities problematic or even dangerous. When light bounces off of a flat surface, it is reflected into horizontal, focused beams we call glare. Normal sunglasses decrease the intensity of all light equally, darkening the whole world, but polarized lenses filter light using microscopic, vertical openings. These dissolve glare back into the normal, defused light our eyes are meant for. Driving and Outdoor Sports The r... Read More

Reading Glasses

Progressive is very special optical lens

Progressive is very special optical lens. Another name is called no-line bifocals. Progressive lens is full clear lens with upper part for distance and bottom part for reading. It requires manufacture to craft original form of progressive lens and then an optician will cut it into select frame. Is it an easy job? No. it is not. A skilled and certificated optical optician does matter for this kind work. FinestGlasses has yearly experience and USA certificated Optician to work for progressive glasses. We know how to make correct progressive lens into frame you selected. Right progressive eyeglasses that make you always read a book at any position below your head. Wrong progressive eyeglasses make you only read a book at one position below your head. Normal002falsefalsefalseEN-USZH-T... Read More


Vista First 8901 18K Gold Stainless steel/ZYL Man Rimless Optical Glasses

FinestGlasses Offer Plated 18K Gold Eyeglasses Online Now High Quality with much cheaper afforable price compare to Cartier Gold Eyeglasses Series. Read More


What is photochromic lenses?

1. The applicability and principle of photochromic sunglassesDrivers choose to wear photochromic sunglasses to protect their eyes when driving under the strong sunlight or in snow days, while in the place where the light is soft, the lens turns out to be colorless. In fact, photochromic sunglasses change the color according to the amount of UV rays into gray or brown, and can absorb the harmful UV rays. 2. The functions of photochromic sunglasses The following are the functions of photochromic lenses:Photochromic: Photochromic lenses darken on exposure to specific types of light, especially UV radiation. Once the light source is removed the lenses will gradually return to their clear state.Anti-Reflective: Anti-Reflective (AR) coating improves the transmittance of light, reduces reflecti... Read More


Choosing the Best Discount Eyeglass Frames That Suit You

Are you currently looking for discount eyeglass frames but you do not know which type best suit your face?Finest Glasses is very much aware that you deserve to wear only the best discount eyeglass frames that will enhance your facial features. This task does not have to be a difficult one for we have all the types of these eyeglass frames to make the ordeal of choosing a much easier task for you.Tips for Selecting Frames that will Flatter Your Face• The top of the discount eyeglass frames must not be higher than your eyebrow line.• The frames’ lower edge should not settle on cheeks. Make sure that every time you smile, they will not touch you cheeks and irritate them.• The eyeglass frames must not be bigger than your face’s total width at your... Read More


Heart Shaped Sunglasses –Best Choice for Summer Trip

Searching for best sunglasses for your next summer trip? End all your worries by searching for an ideal sunglasses. With heart shaped sunglasses, you will definitely enjoy your summer vacation. Aside from sun protection, they also have a very stylish appearance. Because of this, more and more people purchase these types of sunglasses. In fact, you can find various heart shaped sunglasses all over the world. The main difference is that these sunglasses have distinct sizes and colors. Now, if you want to purchase heart shaped sunglasses, you need to start knowing their various features. Heart Shaped Sunglasses Won Popularity among CelebrityRegular sunglasses sounds a bit of boring for super stars, so a new shape has catered to their taste that is definitely Heart-shaped Lenses! Celebrities s... Read More


Glasses connect me with the world

As an old saying goes, eyes are the windows of heart, then eyeglasses would be important as the glass on the window. Prior to the colorful world entering my eyes, it first will get through the glasses. Various kinds of glasses can display me diverse types of world and allow me to uncover various gorgeous things.The prescription shades are extremely wonderful simply because they allow me to enjoy a colorful summer time. Not the same as common shades, you are able to become fashionable and see the world more clearly. For those who have these glasses, the colorful world would soon get into your world.The bifocal glasses allow a transition between the worlds far and near. This type of glasses let my eyes relax thus I can enjoy the world quietly with no pressure. Bifocal contacts are top techno... Read More


Get better understand of eyeglasses

Once you feel that deep concentration becomes hard turn out to be hard, it might be a sign that your eyes have to be rechecked. You might have to get prescription eyeglasses or possibly, just reading glasses. If you're getting trouble reading cooking recipes, or checking your emails, easy reading glasses might be your answer. If you haven’t worn any glasses before, you will have to know the difference between reading glasses and prescription glasses. Moreover, there are many other choices you might have to know much more about whenever you begin to depend on vision-correction utensils, like: bi-focal and multi-focal glasses, or just easy readers.Now it is very common to see various kinds of “readers” available in local pharmacy or stores. But you can view ... Read More

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