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Kid Glasses

Getting Your First Pair Of Kids Glasses

After your child has complained about vision problems at school, you probably booked an appointment at the eye doctors office for a checkup. After a wait that might have felt like decades, the doctor probably came out of the tiny office to announce his findings – your child needs glasses. Children often dont enjoy the idea of shopping for kids glasses, so its best to have an excellent idea and a great plan to make your (probably) unexpected quest for great Children’s as painless as it can possibly get.Younger Kids Glasses – Available Styles and Buying ThemWhen young child is already experiencing issues with his vision, shopping for kid’s glasses is generally not something you were thinking about doing anytime soon. Glasses for extremely young childre... Read More

Kid Glasses

Its Never Too Early: Kids and Sunglasses

Most children spend more time outdoors than most adults. Sunglasses for kids are the first line of defense against the damage that the sun can do. We only have one set of eyes, and the sooner we begin protecting them, the longer we will have use of them. Kids may not be conscious of the need for sun protection, but there are new choices out there that can turn sunglasses from simple protection into fun fashion accessories that kids will want to wear.The UV light from the sun can damage the retina and lenses of the eye, damage which is cumulative over time. In addition, the skin around the eyes is thin, and prone to damage from UV rays. Kids’ eyes are still developing, and extra protection is needed to keep their eyes and skin as healthy as possible for the rest of their lives. Su... Read More

Kid Glasses

Ways to Get Your Kid to Wear Glasses

Sometimes it’s hard to make children to wear glasses as they don’t understand why they have to do so while many of their friends don’t. Here’s some tips to help to keep those glasses on your child’s face.Guideline1. Try your best to explain to your kid why he or she needs to wear glasses; even some toddler may figure out that the glasses can help them have a better vision. 2. Take your child to a glasses store whether local or online and let him or her to choose a pair of glasses within your price range. Sometimes they just don’t like the style you choose for them.3. Check the glasses and avoid any uncomfortable conditions or inconveniency.4. Try some bribery if necessary. Offer some beautiful stickers to lure them to wear glasses... Read More

Kid Glasses

Sunglasses for children

Children might not be as interested as grown-ups have been in the style facet of glasses. But due to the fact that kids spend longer outdoors than most grown-ups do, shades that block 100 % from the suns dangerous ultraviolet (Ultra violet) sun rays are essential for children.Actually, researches show that our eyes get 80 % of the total lifetime exposure to the suns Ultra violet by age 18. And also, since excessive lifetime exposure to Ultra violet radiation leads to the development of cataracts as well as eye problems, its better for children to start to use high quality shades outdoors.Ultra violet sun rays arent the only potential hazard from sunshine. Lately, scientists have concluded that long-time exposure to with high-energy visible (HEV) light rays, also known as "blue light,&... Read More

Kid Glasses

vista kids glass 30% off

Vista Kids Glass Frame is handmade with cellulose acetate. The material is made by mixing cottonseed fibers with plasticizers and stabilizers creating a semi-synthetic plastic that accommodates virtually all color combinations. Because the coloring elements are sealed into the frame, the frames do not lose its luster over time as well as making this frame hypoallergenic. The sheets of acetate are overlaid by hand then cut out to make each frame, one by one. This manufacturing process, known as pantographing, creates frames with a great deal strength and stability. We want your children to be healthy and active while wearing Vista Kids Glasses. Now it is 30% OFF Read More

Kid Glasses

Kid Glasses Prescription PC Lens

Safety children eye glasses are always best gift to show parents’ love. Moreover, choose safety and an unbreakable lens is very important, too. A polycarbonate (PC) lens is the latest material lenses which is significantly more impact-resistant than other lens materials. When children are playing baseball, basketball or other sports, they may fall down as accident. However, no parents want to see eyeglasses lenses hurting children’s eye if that happened. PC lens only has cracked sign at lens instead break into scatter pieces, which makes prefect protection for children’s safety of eyes. Polycarbonate (PC) lens already build-in protection against potentially damaging UV rays. Children are gifts from God and as being a parent will protect them with all ki... Read More

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