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Eye Art

6 Bespectacled Bottle Displays

We ran across some simple and easy ways to merchandise your office reusing bottles. The best part about reusing bottles is 1.) They are free, (any bottle will do) 2.) they are plentiful and 3.) they can reused in thousands of ways to make your store attractive. I love how they did this. Ordinary plastic bottles, filled with colorful dye (Kool-Aid?) and a new arrival sticker placed on the bottle. Everybody likes what is new.. the new bright arrival sticker just screams ‘Try Me On’. It’s simple, it’s clean and eye-catching.Infinite Eyecare More in the look, Famous Faces in black and white stencils and colorful frames, make a show-stopping look.Infinite Eyecare How cute is this? A French person in a bottle? Any bottle, a lid from a teapot, 2 door... Read More

Eye Art

Eyeing The World

Houses With Eyes and Faces from around the world. Amazing our global village. Weeping Eyes in BelgiumCuba- image credit unknownItaly, image credit unknownLima, Peru, Beyond Banksy ProjectRussia: Image takequickbreak.comAustralia; streetartutopia.Banksy Project in Kenya (These are roofs) Read More

Eye Art

August 26: National Dog Day: Pet Promos For Eyecare Offices

National Dog Day is August 26th. To celebrate it might be the one day that you ask your patients to come in with their pets and have their picture taken. Post their pets on Facebook and do a Vote on Cutest Pet, Ugliest Pet, Pet with the best glasses.zazzleDoggie Eye Chart T-shirt on zazzle Read More

Eyewear- Hi-Tech

Tech Tuesday: Portable Eye Exams: Peek Smartphone

A portable eye testing kit based on a smartphone that could revolutionize eye care in the world’s poorest nations is being tested in Africa by UK researchers.The kit is a mobile app, together with clip-on hardware, that transforms a smartphone into a low-cost portable eye clinic that can be operated by a non-expert to gather detailed clinical information, diagnose cataracts, check prescriptions for vision lenses, and even check the retina for signs of disease. Read More


Fab And Famous Eyewear Chart

Many celebrities are known for their eyewear, Elton John, John Lennon, Woody Allen, Lady Gaga, Rhianna, Sally Jesse Raphael, Elvis Presley to name a few. This Famous Eyewear Chart is available from Pop Chart Lab. Read More

Eye Art

Untamed Timbee Lo Fun, Fun, Fun Eyewear

Timbee- lo Group - Gotta Love them, love aninmals. Decorated club and novelty eyeglasses, with animals, jewels, flowers, these are just fun! Read More

Eye Art

Shady Sculptures Made With Trash Toys

You gotta love this. Artist Freya Jobbins made these sculptures from cast off toys. If you look closely, it’s mainly doll parts, plastic solders. How fun! Read More


Kickstarting Monday: African Art Inspired Eyewear By Textiles And Alchemy

Another wow with these fabric sunglasses form Textiles and Alchemy, who started their eyewear online in January of 2013. Using fabric to construct or they say deconstruct, the batik and African themed make this look totally unique. Grand Addis FuchsiaOG Batik RoseCornel Key Read More

Eye Art

541 Gotti Sunglasses Made Into A Chandelier

Wow, this Chandelier was made with 541 Gotti Sunglasses to celebrate their 20th anniversary. I don’t know if these were old, but what a great way to reuse sunglasses and eyeglasses. Read More

Eye Art

Shady Signs We LOVE

You may have already seen these.. but how true this is. Life is too short to wear Ugly glasses, life is too short to not invest in good lenses. Life is too short for many things.. What do you think?This should say Life is short. Buy The Eyeglasses. Read More

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