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Glasses connect me with the world

As an old saying goes, eyes are the windows of heart, then eyeglasses would be important as the glass on the window. Prior to the colorful world entering my eyes, it first will get through the glasses. Various kinds of glasses can display me diverse types of world and allow me to uncover various gorgeous things.The prescription shades are extremely wonderful simply because they allow me to enjoy a colorful summer time. Not the same as common shades, you are able to become fashionable and see the world more clearly. For those who have these glasses, the colorful world would soon get into your world.The bifocal glasses allow a transition between the worlds far and near. This type of glasses let my eyes relax thus I can enjoy the world quietly with no pressure. Bifocal contacts are top techno... Read More


How to pop out the lenses from glasses

Lenses will pop out from the frames of eyeglasses with firm but gentle pressure by a steady hand. Sometimes you may be sick of the frames and want to fit the lenses to a new one, or sometimes the lenses are blurred but you still love the frames for new prescription lenses. How shall you deal with this situation? Here’s some tips for you. 1. Examine the glasses to determine the way the frames hold the lenses. Your frames may be fitted with snap-in lenses or lenses are secured to adjustable frames with little screws on two sides.2. Take the screwdriver and remove the small screws on both sides of the frames, at the top the place that the earpieces connecting to the frames.Put a folded towel under the glasses when cushioning in case drop down.4. Softly press the back of both lenses ... Read More


Best Sport Sunglasses that Must be Worn by Golfers and Cyclists

Many of the athletes and even ordinary individuals these days wear sport sunglasses more for the “looks” aspect instead of the “functional” purposes. Considering the newest innovations that are available now, from the system of interchangeable lens as well as the very slick frames, fashion and quality are almost inseparable. And as far as sports are concerned, sport sunglasses are very much needed for eye protection and fashion statement at the same time. If you are a golfer or cyclist, you definitely need to wear sport sunglasses.Ideal Sport Sunglasses for the GolfersGolf is usually regarded as a kind sport for the middle-aged men who are wealthy, luxuriously sipping Scotch while hanging out in resorts. But these days, because of the young and hip p... Read More


Look Classy and Classic with Round Glasses

Today, there are so many different types of glasses that a person can wear; glasses that are believed by many people to be something beneficial in terms of providing health benefits and give out a sense of taste in fashion as well. Whatever the reasons maybe, it will be very important to consider some essential things that will affect you on wearing certain types of round glasses. Various Types of Round GlassesWhen it comes to round eyeglasses, there is a single truth that best modifies them altogether and that truth is the fact these glasses are classic in styles that can definitely make a person look classy when he has chosen the right frame for him. And of the many types of round eyeglasses, some of the hits would include the Harry Potter eyeglasses and the so-called Nerd eyeglasses.Dif... Read More


Tips to select sunglasses

With the rising summer heat, sunglasses become more and more popular. Many people love sunglasses, but have no idea how to choose one pair. Here gives some excerpt and advice for your reference.First, check the price The old saying goes “the cheap is no good”. A lens of good quality sunglasses cannot be too cheap. Don't buy a lot of sunglasses just because they are cheap. Do remember to check the quality.Second, try them on Try sunglasses under natural light, as bad light or electric lighting cannot properly shows the effect of sunglasses. You'd better choose a pair of sunglasses relatively strong day light.Be sure not choose a pair of sunglasses by the way of “love at first sight”. The pretty frame is important, but the wearing comfort and v... Read More

Health & Knowledge

How Frequently Will You Replace Your Glasses?

As time passes one of the last things we think of is replacing our eyeglasses. It's not until they're actually hanging on by way of a thread of plastic - or, if we're innovative enough: tape - that we even think about paying the funds to get a new pair. Glasses are very pricey! And anyhow, why damage a great thing? Well, there are many more risks to maintaining old eyeglasses than you might have predicted. Apart from the possibility that taped frames just aren't as popular as one could think, it is more probably than not that your old glasses could adversely influence your eyesight. In addition, high-priced glasses really are a subject put to rest. Enjoy this help guide to better discover why you need to stay up-to-date with your prescription eyeglasses.Our vision do change... Read More


Choosing the ideal Complementing Eyeglass Frames

Glasses nowadays contain a dual function: They enhance your eyesight, and they also function as a ornament that could improve, instead of distracting from your appearances. A lot of people love glasses so much they receive types with plain glass in them as they do not even have poor vision and put them on just for good looks.1. Tie your hair back in a ponytail (if needed) and check out your face structure before the mirror.2. Remember that oval faces are egg-shaped and proportionate on the top and bottom, which can cater to any sort of frame.3. Have a long, thin face appear broader and short with larger frames in round or triangular designs. Or use a wide, rectangular shape. Frames which have color, width or decoration close to the sides will in addition widen your face.4. Consider round g... Read More


Before purchasing eyeglasses online

Purchasing online has becoming popular these days and there's really no reason to avoid shopping online. It will not only save resources such as gas and energy in going to a physical store or a shopping mall, but also offer more choices. One can take please in a drink while in the same time trying to find a good pair of eyeglasses. Similarly, it is easy and simple to find eyeglasses which fit you the best. Some online stores offer suggestions, for example, which cheap eyeglasses is similar to your present ones. You can take their advices and check out how practical their advices are.One more tip, people seldom do when they buy glasses online, is to write consumer notes. This can make all the difference. Write the glasses retailer a few words telling them what you want to buy online.... Read More

Health & Knowledge

Eye Prescription

Power(pwr)(-20.00 to _20.00)The strength or amount of correction.Base Curve (bc) (8.0 to 10.0)The curve of the contact lent’s back surface.Diameter (dia)(13.0 to 15.0)The width of the contact lens.Brand (Acuvue, Biomedics, Focus, etc.) The brand name of the contact lens.Color(optional)Visibility tints: That are tinted in order to see it in a lens case (they do not change eye color).Enhancers: Are designed to intensify or slightly alter the natural color of the eye.Opaque contacts: Are designed to change even a dark eye color.The natural color of the eye doesn’t show through the lens.ADD Power (ADD)(+1.00 to +3.00)The additional correction for bifocal contact lenses.Cylinder (CYL) (-0.75 to -10.00)Correction for As... Read More


The best way to Identify High Quality Eyeglasses

Eyeglasses are a crucial health product, so care ought to be taken when buying them. Along with the growth of online eyeglass stores, now more than ever before, it is attractive to jump at the chance to acquire cheap glasses. Before you do, a few factors have to be thought to make sure you taken up a sound buying choice.1. Decide the quality of the frames. There are various materials with various attributes for your choice, among which titanium frames are believed to be all around high quality since theyre hypoallergenic, light, solid, corrosion proof and are available in a number of colors. Good quality options to titanium are flexon, beryllium and nylon. 2. Decide the lens material of the glasses. Polycarbonate lenses are a better quality replacement for normal plastic lenses as they are... Read More

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