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How to Find Right Glasses that Fit You

How to Find Right Glasses that Fit You If you were wondering why frames can’t fit on you, but wanted to know why and how to choose correct frames that suit you.To find the correct fit for the people that have previous glasses , there should be a number on the side of the frame’s arms (temple) or behind the Bridge, which you will need and memorize(note down). Then go to our website and search for your choice of frames. After you selected your choice of frames, you should be able to see on the bottom of the screen, a description that says an eye size number. It would be better if you found the exact eye size number but if you don’t, you could just choose a frame that is 1-2mm above or below to find the right size that fits you. E... Read More


Affordable, High Quality Prescription Eye Glasses Available Online Direct From The Manufacturer

Finest Glasses, a manufacturer direct distributor of high quality prescription glasses and lenses in the US, offers the best quality prescription glasses for men, women and children available in brand name designer frames at affordable prices.With a wide selection of frames to choose from and offering single, bifocal and progressive prescription glasses, anyone can save money on fashionable eyewear by buying online direct from the factory. The company offers designer frames for adults and children from a wide assortment of companies including:CoachNova KidsPoesiaRay-BanVersaceVista FirstVista KidsVista SportOrdering glasses from Finest Glasses is fast, easy and secure. Anyone who has an eyeglass prescription including papillary distance can visit the company’s website at Finest... Read More


Choosing the Right Frames

Fashion and Frames Part 1: Shapes to Suit Your Face Knowing the size, shape, and style of glasses that complement your face is as important as getting a comfortable fit. While some websites allow you to try glasses on virtually by uploading a picture of yourself, a 2-D picture provides only the most basic impression. Finest Glasses is working to establish local retail stores that would provide customers a chance to test the glasses in person, but in the mean time, here are a few tips to help you get a good idea of the frames you want before you start shopping for eye glasses. Face Shapes and FeaturesTo really get the right look, consider your face shape. While some people may land on the border between face shapes or have difficulty deciding, a good objective view will tell you which are ... Read More


Choosing the Best Discount Eyeglass Frames That Suit You

Are you currently looking for discount eyeglass frames but you do not know which type best suit your face?Finest Glasses is very much aware that you deserve to wear only the best discount eyeglass frames that will enhance your facial features. This task does not have to be a difficult one for we have all the types of these eyeglass frames to make the ordeal of choosing a much easier task for you.Tips for Selecting Frames that will Flatter Your Face• The top of the discount eyeglass frames must not be higher than your eyebrow line.• The frames’ lower edge should not settle on cheeks. Make sure that every time you smile, they will not touch you cheeks and irritate them.• The eyeglass frames must not be bigger than your face’s total width at your... Read More


Replacement of Eyeglasses Frame

Should you wear eye glasses, eyeglass frame replacement shall be really common to you. Instead of replacing the glasses completely, only replacing the frame will save you a few of dollars.There are some technicians who can repair all types of breaks that happen to glasses. You never know what might happen. You'll find lots of people who accidentally break the frame o by sitting on them or on pressing on them too hard. These small accidents can be a costly price if choosing to glasses completely. Replacing the frame would be much cheaper and better.If this case, you can visit a store that specializes in replacing the frames. It will be easy to get a store like this by simply doing research on a search engine, such as goole.When deciding a place to replace your frames, you should find a... Read More


Choosing the ideal Complementing Eyeglass Frames

Glasses nowadays contain a dual function: They enhance your eyesight, and they also function as a ornament that could improve, instead of distracting from your appearances. A lot of people love glasses so much they receive types with plain glass in them as they do not even have poor vision and put them on just for good looks.1. Tie your hair back in a ponytail (if needed) and check out your face structure before the mirror.2. Remember that oval faces are egg-shaped and proportionate on the top and bottom, which can cater to any sort of frame.3. Have a long, thin face appear broader and short with larger frames in round or triangular designs. Or use a wide, rectangular shape. Frames which have color, width or decoration close to the sides will in addition widen your face.4. Consider round g... Read More

Health & Knowledge

How Often Do I Suppose To Change Glasses

How Often Do You Need To Change A New Pair of Glasses?Good question.It really depends on your lenses material, frame, your personal behavior, budget, and whole lot of other things. But we mainly we try to narrow down to three important condition:Always ask your optometrist: In most cases, your optomertrist can always provide the best answer. Because they know you and your glasses. Of course, some of them may recommend you to change it very often for the purpose of sales. So you have to be careful when you ask questions such as: "what's the difference of the new pair?", "What will it improve?", "can my old pair be fixed or adjustable?"Lenses damages: glasses lenses can be damaged very lightly but make big affect on your eyes. Don't think lillte scratche... Read More


2014 Fashion Eyeglasses Frame

Fashion trends keep on changing with time. Anything what was in fashion in twenty years ago is now out of fashion. Moreover, the today's fashion trends would become passe in the coming years. Clothes, hair styles, jewelry etc which were popular in the 1970's which got popular by the name of Hippie culture are now extinct. Similarly, those clothes and jewelry which were used at the time of beginning of the last century were quite different from those which are in use today. Similar is the case with fashion glasses. The people keep on changing their eyeglass frames every now and then. One of reason is that, it is very cheap, convenience, and easy shopping at online eyeglasses store. You will find the frames of all types of styles and different colors. Many brands of such eyeglasses a... Read More


handmade cellulose acetate frame

Since 1940, acetate eyeglasses were introduced as pioneer new plastic eye frame material. Until today, most current eyeglasses are made by cellulose acetate material. Acetate frame is strong, lightweight, flexible and comfortable to wear. However, handmade cellulose acetate is hypoallergenic with ricer color impression. Colorful layer of acetate does not fade easier compare to other plastic frame because color sources are mixed into cellulose acetate before it is made from cutting, polishing and form into eyeglasses frame. Vista First woman regular or prescription eyeglasses are handmade cellulose acetate frame. Vista First 0181 Dime is unique eyeglass fr... Read More


WTFrame: Cat-Eye-Style

From a company called I Still Love You NYC, we find a true cat-eye shape. Lenses cut out in the shape of a cat with earring temples. How fun is this! Read More

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