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How to try on eyeglasses online?

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Benefits Of Getting Your Prescription Eyeglasses online

Benefits Of Getting Your Prescription Eyeglass Needs Met On The Net Versus An Offline StorefrontIf you’re a person who needs to get prescription glasses, then you probably aren’t liking the idea too much at the moment. Why? Because it means you have to go through the trouble of actually getting them. Not only this, but the cost can be pretty high. Insurance might not cover the cost and you can find that this takes a nice chunk of cash out of your pockets. What’s the solution?The best solution would be to look for eyeglasses online. Yes, getting them offline might be preferred by some, but certainly not all. Here are some of the advantages to purchasing online:Offline stores tend to charge sky high prices for their eye glassesIf you want to see just how expens... Read More


How to Find Right Glasses that Fit You

How to Find Right Glasses that Fit You If you were wondering why frames can’t fit on you, but wanted to know why and how to choose correct frames that suit you.To find the correct fit for the people that have previous glasses , there should be a number on the side of the frame’s arms (temple) or behind the Bridge, which you will need and memorize(note down). Then go to our website and search for your choice of frames. After you selected your choice of frames, you should be able to see on the bottom of the screen, a description that says an eye size number. It would be better if you found the exact eye size number but if you don’t, you could just choose a frame that is 1-2mm above or below to find the right size that fits you. E... Read More


Free High Quality Prescription Glasses Direct From the Manufacturer in California

manufacturer and direct distributor of high quality prescription glasses and lenses, offers eyeglasses for men, women and children available online in brand name designer frames at affordable prices. With a wide selection of frames to choose from and offering single, bifocal and progressive prescription glasses, everyone can save money on fashionable eyewear by buying online direct from the factory.Ordering glasses from Finest Glasses is fast, easy and secure. Anyone who has an eyeglass prescription including pupillary distance (PD) can visit the company’s website and browse its online store’s wide selection of designer eye wear frames including standard eyeglasses, sunglasses, rimless glasses, semi-rimless glasses, and sports glasses.After sel... Read More


Welcome to FinestGlasses

Have you spent countless moments trying to seek the best eyeglasses that ideally match your demands as an individual? Well, the Google or Bing search is indeed over as willingly offers you nothing but top rate glasses online solution. From taking the blur out of your vision to etching a mark in your fashion statement, this web store truly bridges the gap to your optic necessities.Bringing innovation along with keenly crafted prescription glasses, you would certainly be delighted with what can offer. Name everything you’ve fancied of – full rim, half-rim, or rimless frames, or high index single vision, bifocal, progressive, photochromic or polarized lenses. Not just optical glasses frame and lenses, FinestGlasses also owe virtual try... Read More


Affordable, High Quality Prescription Eye Glasses Available Online Direct From The Manufacturer

Finest Glasses, a manufacturer direct distributor of high quality prescription glasses and lenses in the US, offers the best quality prescription glasses for men, women and children available in brand name designer frames at affordable prices.With a wide selection of frames to choose from and offering single, bifocal and progressive prescription glasses, anyone can save money on fashionable eyewear by buying online direct from the factory. The company offers designer frames for adults and children from a wide assortment of companies including:CoachNova KidsPoesiaRay-BanVersaceVista FirstVista KidsVista SportOrdering glasses from Finest Glasses is fast, easy and secure. Anyone who has an eyeglass prescription including papillary distance can visit the company’s website at Finest... Read More


Choosing the Right Frames

Fashion and Frames Part 1: Shapes to Suit Your Face Knowing the size, shape, and style of glasses that complement your face is as important as getting a comfortable fit. While some websites allow you to try glasses on virtually by uploading a picture of yourself, a 2-D picture provides only the most basic impression. Finest Glasses is working to establish local retail stores that would provide customers a chance to test the glasses in person, but in the mean time, here are a few tips to help you get a good idea of the frames you want before you start shopping for eye glasses. Face Shapes and FeaturesTo really get the right look, consider your face shape. While some people may land on the border between face shapes or have difficulty deciding, a good objective view will tell you which are ... Read More


Buying Eye Glasses Online

Buying Eye Glasses Online While you'll still need an in person exam, purchasing glasses online is becoming more popular since it is significantly cheaper. Online retailers enjoy low overhead and often design their own frames instead of passing on premium priced brands. It's these key differences that translate into huge savings on glasses. How to Buy Glasses OnlineIt takes a fair bit of research up front before you can start shopping for glasses online with any confidence. First and foremost, you need to know how to decipher that prescription and a few key measurements to help you select frames that fit. You will also want an idea of the style that suits you and your face shape as well as the materials and treatment options available. The good news is that once you get it down, you... Read More


What is Photochromic Lens?

Photochromic Lenses UV rays are harmful and bright light can be uncomfortable or make it difficult to see, especially for those who are light-sensitive or used to indoor lighting conditions. Photochromic lenses offer a convenient way to shield your eyes from UV damage and filter light to ensure comfort all day long. How Photochromic Lenses Work People mistakenly call them Transitions, after the brand, but photochromic lenses do transition in a sense. Their name comes from the Greek words “photos” (light) and “chroma” (color), because contain organic molecules that change color and size when exposed to UV light. Since UV rays penetrate clouds, photochromic lenses transition even on cloudy days – though only to a light grey.... Read More


Rimless Vs Rim Eyeglasses

Lighten Up with Rimless Glasses Rimmed lenses are the default when it comes to glasses. They offer the most stability and a very classical and distinctive look, but the look can be too distinct for some. Style and Impact The weight of the frames makes full-rimmed glasses more noticeable to the wearer, and the harsh line they draw around your eyes draws attention. One European study showed glasses not only became a part of your face but actually influenced the impression you make on others. The study found people perceive someone wearing glasses as being more successful, intelligent, and trustworthy. On the other hand, those without glasses are seen as more attractive and likable. Rimless glasses provided a more well-rounded effect. They still drew attention to the eyes and gave impressi... Read More

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