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How Often Do I Suppose To Change Glasses

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 How Often Do You Need To Change A New Pair of Glasses?

Good question.
It really depends on your lenses material, frame, your personal behavior, budget, and whole lot of other things. But we mainly we try to narrow down to three important condition:
  1. Always ask your optometrist: In most cases, your optomertrist can always provide the best answer. Because they know you and your glasses. Of course, some of them may recommend you to change it very often for the purpose of sales. So you have to be careful when you ask questions such as: "what's the difference of the new pair?", "What will it improve?", "can my old pair be fixed or adjustable?"
  2. Lenses damages: glasses lenses can be damaged very lightly but make big affect on your eyes. Don't think lillte scratches won't hurt your vision. Regardless your are wearing prescription or non-prescription glasses, if any damage can been physically seen while you are wearing your glasses, change it immediately
  3. Frame damages: When the frame is out fit, it can make more damage to your eyes than blur lenses. Becuase it's hard to find out. Loosing screws, bent legs, even weight lose can cause frame damage. You might wear a pair of glasses is too big for you after you gain or loose weight, since it's a slight change, you not even feel it. And once your eyes are used to it, it makes your vision worse. 
So when do you suppose to change your glasses? I hope you have a clear idea by now. If you are facing any of the above three issues, change it now. 

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