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Tips to select sunglasses

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With the rising summer heat, sunglasses become more and more popular. Many people love sunglasses, but have no idea how to choose one pair. Here gives some excerpt and advice for your reference.

First, check the price

The old saying goes “the cheap is no good”. A lens of good quality sunglasses cannot be too cheap. Don't buy a lot of sunglasses just because they are cheap. Do remember to check the quality.

Second, try them on

Try sunglasses under natural light, as bad light or electric lighting cannot properly shows the effect of sunglasses. You'd better choose a pair of sunglasses relatively strong day light.

Be sure not choose a pair of sunglasses by the way of “love at first sight”. The pretty frame is important, but the wearing comfort and visual ease is more vital.

Third, check tag

The small tag is often neglected. As a matter of fact, it shows you a lot of information such as place of origin, material and so on, but also hides a lot such as whether you buy light-colored mirrors or resin Yali.

Fourth, identify the lens

There's a simple way to check the quality of the lens. Shake the glasses back and forth to check whether the lens shakes with the move. If so, the lens shall not be flat, there are convex.

Fifth, choose color

As to color, you may first consider leisure, fashion, entertainment, but don't forget the most import thing is the UV protection. As to UV, it is better to choose gray, green, blue-grade shades, as these relatively soft colours will not change color when seeing at nature, particularly suitable to drivers, as they will not impact on the resolution of traffic signals.

Sixth, don't forget ask UV index

Mentioning sunglasses, UV index is a vital standard. For most sunglasses, it is between 96-98%, dark lens works better than light ones. Generally, there's no 100% UV index. If the sales claim their sunglasses are 100% UV protection, he or she may throw the bull.

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