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Kid Glasses Prescription PC Lens

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          Safety children eye glasses are always best gift to show parents’ love.  Moreover, choose safety and an unbreakable lens is very important, too.  A polycarbonate (PC) lens is the latest material lenses which is significantly more impact-resistant than other lens materials.  When children are playing baseball, basketball or other sports, they may fall down as accident.  However, no parents want to see eyeglasses lenses hurting children’s eye if that happened.  PC lens only has cracked sign at lens instead break into scatter pieces, which makes prefect protection for children’s safety of eyes. 


Polycarbonate (PC) lens already build-in protection against potentially damaging UV rays.  Children are gifts from God and as being a parent will protect them with all kind efforts.  Don’t you agree?


Children’s eyeglass of is made by PC lenses and Safety frame. These eyeglasses are very “Cool” and comfortable for children to wear.   Furthermore, never sells any glass lens material to children because of safety and liability issues.   Now, 30% off for kid glasses prescription PC Lens at

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