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  1. 1.General Information
  2. 2.Prescription Guarantee
  3. 3.Exchanging Sunglasses or Eyeglass Frames
  4. 4.Prescription Lens Return and Exchange Policy
  5. 5.Receiving Damaged or Incorrect Product
  6. 6.Repairs and Manufacturer’s Warranty Policy
  7. 7.Putting New Lenses Into Your Own Frame
  8. 8.Can I Cancel My Order?
  9. 9.International Customers
  10. 10.Insurance, Optician and shipping fees
  11. 11. Finestglasses.com Terms Of Promotions


1.General Information


Customer satisfaction is our top priority. As one of the most successful online eyewear retailers, every transaction must be completed in a pleasant, convenient and successful shopping experience. We guarantee 100% accuracy on all prescriptions lenses or they will be remade at no charge if it is our mistake.

• Before return/exchange an item, please e-mail us at service@finestglasses.com to regardless reasons of return.  Finestglasses.com will provide the RMA number and please write it on the outside of the package and/or on the return shipping label.  Please provide tracking number to service@finestglasses.com after package is returning to us. Returns postage will be paid by customers at any situation. Please mail it to:

Finestglasses  318 S. San Gabriel Blvd #A   San Gabriel, CA 91776

  7 days Glasses Frame return Policy:


We will issue refund or replacement of goods in all instances within 7 days period after receiving date.  Refund up 100% at eyeglasses frame only (A 20% restocking fee will apply Frame  (notes: prescription lenses is non-refundable and exchangeable)


1.      Refund Eyeglasses Frame is eligible. (Except Free Prescription Glasses Promotion)

2.      Prescription lens is non-refundable or Exchangeable

3.      Optician fee and shipping fee are non-refundable  



2. Prescription Guarantee

Finestglasses.com guarantees 100% accuracy on all prescriptions or they will be remade at no extra charge.  All prescription glasses, prior to leaving finestglasses.com, pass a stringent quality control hand inspection. The lenses are checked at four different stations for accuracy, it also include pass FDA exam standard. We pride ourselves in our workmanship - accurately filling your prescription is our number one priority. In the unlikely event that an error makes it through our system, we will promptly and courteously remake the lenses to our 100% accuracy standard.  All customers need to provide accurate PD (pupil distance) as being responsibility and please make sure you input correct prescription.  Prescription Lenses are non-refundable if PD is incorrect provided by customer. 




3. Exchanging Sunglasses or Eyeglass Frames

Within 7 days from original delivered date, we can exchange differ frame of optical eyeglasses if buyer is not satisfy about eyeglasses or sunglasses frame.  Just simple is returning eyeglasses frame back to us after e-mail us at service@finestglasses.com, A 20% restocking fee will apply  (notes: prescription lenses is non-refundable and exchangeable)


1.    Eyeglasses frame must be return as original condition. We can’t accept damaged, scratch, or broken frame.

2.    Only same model frame can exchange as free.  Difference style of Eyeglasses or sunglasses frame exchange will be adjusting difference price.

3.    Prescription lens can’t be exchanged.  If it has to be re-doing for differ eyeglasses or sunglasses frame, addition fees may occur depend on case.

4.    Designer eyeglasses frame can’t be exchange or refund.

FinestGlasses is authorized distributor for all designer eyewear, like Ray-ban, Versace, Coach, Fendi, Emporio Armani, D&G, Gucci, Lacoste, etc. All our designer frames are 100% authorized brands. Due to this point, FinestGlasses.com will not accept any returns or exchange for any of our designer glasses.  Please read this before you decide to purchase our designer frame.



4. Prescription Lens Return and Exchange Policy

Why prescription lenses are non-refundable or exchange?  Each pair of prescription lenses are always consider a special order to use for one person’s prescription, in other words, no other people can use it.  However, finestglasses.com offer one time 50% discount on lenses if customer put wrong prescription.   However, if finestglasses.com makes wrong prescription lenses, we will 100% responsible for this mistake; lenses will be remade at no charge .  Notes: only same type of prescription lenses can be offered 50% discount price.  Differ type of lenses will charge or credit the difference price.

      Please report us immediately when you receive scratched prescription lenses from package.  We will be 100% responsible for this issue.



5. Receiving Damaged or Incorrect Product

Damaged Package will be reimbursed if insurance has been purchased.  If this happened, please contact us at service@finestglasses.com.  Let us know your invoice number and we will handle it for you. 

Incorrect package will be exchange or re-ship one more time.  Contact us at service@finestglasses.com.  Let us know your invoice number and we will be responsible for it.




6. Repairs and Manufacturer’s Warranty Policy

Manufacturer warranty cover is 3 days for prescription lens.  14 days warranty for eyeglasses frame only.   

Manufacturer’s defects include: structural design, hinges, welding points, and colorings. Manufacturer’s defects DO NOT include: misusage or any accident issue.  

If this happened, please contact us at service@finestglasses.com.  Let us know your invoice number and we will handle it for you. 



7. Putting New Lenses Into Your Own Frame

E-mail us at service@finestglasses.com to make sure if we can quality to make lenses into your own frame.  Than simply mail us the frame and a copy of the prescription for the lenses you want placed in your frame.  We will charge new lenses for this frame; moreover, optician and shipping fees will be charged.

Please Note: finestglasses.com is not responsible for any damage of frame during process time.  



8. Can I Cancel My Order?

Within 14 days of your order only unopened contact lens vials or boxes may be returned or exchanged. A 20% restocking fee will apply to all unopened contact lens vials or boxes returned for credit. No credit or exchanges are permitted on opened boxes or vials.


9. International Customers

If you need to return an item please make sure to declare the item as "Returned Item Without Value" or we have to charge you for any duties incurred by US Customs. Please email service@finestglasses.com to verify if return or exchange will be qualified first.



10. Insurance, Optician and Shipping fees

Insurances do not require purchasing for shipping service.  However, finestglasses.com highly recommends purchasing insurance for covering lost, damage or other issues.  Buyer will need to responsible for their own package if they decide not purchase insurance.  Insurance fee is non-refundable.  

Optician fee $8.95 is paid for our laboratory staff labor.  Each lab staff is USA certificated Optician.  They are diligent to craft each prescription lenses into eyeglasses frame.  Optician fee is non-refundable. 

Shipping fee is free when an order is over $60.00.  Buyer has to cover return postage during return/exchange process.  If Invalid address happened, Finestglasses will recharge shipping fee again.  Shipping Fee is non-refundable.



11. Finestglasses.com Terms Of Promotions

1.      Terms Of Promotion for free prescription glasses and Special Deals

2.      Single Vision Lens Only And Prescription lens is Sph - 6.00/+4.0 Cyl +- 2.00

3.      Include Optician and shipping fees (both fees are non-refundable)

4.      Refund/exchange Only on prescription lenses is error maded by finestglasses.com



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