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Ways to Get Your Kid to Wear Glasses

Sometimes it’s hard to make children to wear glasses as they don’t understand why they have to do so while many of their friends don’t. Here’s some tips to help to keep those glasses on your child’s face.


1. Try your best to explain to your kid why he or she needs to wear glasses; even some toddler may figure out that the glasses can help them have a better vision.

2. Take your child to a glasses store whether local or online and let him or her to choose a pair of glasses within your price range. Sometimes they just don’t like the style you choose for them.

3. Check the glasses and avoid any uncomfortable conditions or inconveniency.

4. Try some bribery if necessary. Offer some beautiful stickers to lure them to wear glasses or as a prize for wearing them for a certain period of time.

5. Make it clear to your child that glasses are required for certain activities. If your kid or toddler asks you to read a book, you shall insist that he or she put on the glasses on before you start to read.

6. Show your kids with some stories or pictures books with some children wearing glasses or the good points of wearing glasses.

7. Avoid conflicts with your kids. If your toddler takes off the glasses, don
t blame on him or her immediately, wait for a while, maybe he or she will put them back.

8. Clean the lenses on a regular base if your child is more willing to keep them on as it will offer better vision. And you can also show him or her how to do cleaning with the lenses if he or she is old enough.

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