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Unique and User-Friendly Try-On System to Find your Perfect Eyeglasses

Many people nowadays prefer to shop online because of the convenience that it provides. One of the most common items being purchased online are the economic prescription eye glasses and sunglasses. However, some people are still hesitant as they do not have an opportunity to try the glasses and the men’s / women’s / kid’s / eye glasses frame if they will look good on them.  Due to the advancement in technology, this is no longer a problem because of the patent free try-on system that is being utilized by most online eyeglasses stores.

The website called www.finestglasses.com offers one of the world’s first virtual optical try-on system. The US Patent 6, 791,584 was patent in the year of 2000 that allows you to try different kinds of glasses before making a final decision. It is a method of face image scaling by using the computer through several steps in order to determine the spectacle men’s/women’s/kid’s/eye glasses frame that suits you. This unique system is user-friendly, so you do not have to worry that you will not understand how it works. In general, patent free try-on system falls on 2 types that allow you to choose the convenient method for you.

Types of Try-On System

The simplest and the most common type works by selecting a head picture of several models that have facial features close to yours. However, you might think that people have various features and there are big discrepancies from your real face.  Such kind of worry is not really necessary. In fact, nearly all possible shapes of face are available in the list such as rounded shape, pointed or squared.  This allows you to select the picture that looks similar to you then you can now try various types of economic prescription eye glasses and sunglasses.  By trying several models, you can see which ones look perfect on you.

Another patent and unique free try-on system offered by FinestGlasses.com is the virtual try-on. This is more complicated as it uses webcam yet it is more accurate. You can try different types of economic prescription eye glasses and sunglasses using your own actual face and obtain the ones that perfectly match your facial contour. The picture of your head is placed on a frame and then you can now try different eyeglasses. However, you should take note that you should be sitting properly in order to have an accurate look of the glasses. This method is clearer and much vivid because the ears and temple of the frame are shown in the try-on.  Another great thing about this unique feature is that you can save your picture on the website and share it with others.  

Final Thoughts

By shopping in FinestGlasses, you can easily shop for your economic prescription eye glasses and sunglasses that will perfectly match your face through their free try-on system which was patent in the year 2000.  The system is unique and user-friendly, which allows everyone to use it without too many hassles.  According to some previous customers, there is not much big difference between the real and virtual effect when they tried their economic prescription eye glasses and sunglasses.  However, you need to spend some time looking for eyeglasses including the style, colors, lenses and men’s / women’s / kid’s /eye glasses frame before finding the perfect one.

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