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Tips on how to Clean Glasses

The old saying goes that eyes are the windows to the soul. Make your vision conditions neat and clear by washing your eyeglass lens cautiously and routinely.

1. Clean lens every day using a gentle soap and tepid water to clear out dust and oil avoiding huge accumulation.


2. Dry lens by using a lenses fabric or non-abrasive 100 % cotton. Do not use paper towels or digital camera lenses papers.
Clean lens

3. Buy a specialized lens-cleaning fabric and lens gel (or spray) to get rid of finger prints, dust accumulation and smudges.
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4. Handle eyeglasses through the eye frame using your thumb and index finger of just one hand. Makes use of the other hand to softly buff the lens in a spherical movement. Never push too rigorous on the lens.

5. Clean the cleansing fabric every week by using a gentle, nonabrasive detergent. Do not use cloth softener when drying the fabric.
Clean the cleansing

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