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Three Kinds of Frame Materials of Glasses

 Different frame material brings different features to glasses. Now we will introduce 3 kinds of frame materials: titanium, alloy and acetate.
Titanium Frames
Titanium frames

1. Titanium has a gravity of 4.5 g/cm³, which means that titanium frame is lighter than all the metal frames and thus can lighten the burden of the nose; it is also very tough, which endows itself the feature of scratch resistance, corrosion resistance and the plasticity; and it also has no magnetic response. Another excellent advantage is that our skin is not allergic to it, which enables it to be applied widely to fields like space technology, jewelleries, surgical instruments etc. Therefore, titanium has been regarded as the most advanced material of glasses frame.
2. Titanium is not likely to fade compared with other metals, which highlights its taste and elegance.
3. There are mainly 3 types of titanium frames, namely titanium frame, titanium alloy frame and β titanium frame. The first type is made of titanium, the purity of which is up to 99%; the whole or the most part of the titanium frame is made of titanium alloy, the advantage of which is stable; and the whole or the most part of the β titanium frame is made of β titanium, the advantage of which is of high elasticity and intensity.
Advanced Alloy Glasses Frames
stainless steel frames

1. The alloy is one of the most popular materials.
2. The alloy glasses frames can be divided into copper alloy frames, monel alloy frames, shape memory alloy frames, stainless steel frames etc. They share the features of corrosion resistance, bright luster, durability etc.
3. The unique texture of metal demonstrates the perfect combination of quality and fashion.
Acetate Frames
Acetate frames

1. Acetate frames is light, tough and lustrous. And it is good to look and comfortable and durable to use.
2. Acetate frames is in trend now, which make it is easy to go with different styles of clothing and dressing. It is a good way  to demonstrate one’s characteristics and charm.

Acetate Frames

Stainless Steel Frames

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