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Things You Should Know about Filling a Prescription

Filling a prescription is crucial for those who need glasses; therefore, to know something about prescription filling is necessary.

1. You need professional medical optometry.

The first step of filling a prescription is to have a medical optometry, which is conducted by an optometrist in two steps according to the related medical theories. The first step is to have a comprehensive examination which aims to exclude the eye diseases except ametropia. The second step is to measure the refractive state and visual functions accurately from both subjective and objective perspectives on the basis of the result of the first step which is normal.

For medical optometry, the diopter will not be determined just on the basis of the result of medical optometry, but will be on the comprehensive factors include age, the position of the eyes, the adjustment ability of the eyes, the coordination function of eyes, the influence of diseases on the refraction etc. And a regular eye re-examination, which is to adjust the degree of glasses timely or to decide if the glasses is appropriate to wear or not, is also necessary and should be done under the process of optometry.

2. Glasses are for vision correction.

The most common way for vision correction is to wear a pair of appropriate glasses. For myopia sufferers, a clear vision could be obtained by wearing prescription glasses, and in this way, the vision is corrected. But some myopia suffers prefer a blurry vision to a pair of glasses, for they are afraid that their vision would become worse and can never get rid of them once they begin to wear glasses. Actually, worse vision has nothing to do with glasses.

Yes, there are teenagers whose vision become worse after wearing glasses for a while. This is the result of heavy load on the growing eyeballs. Some people still ignore the hygiene of eyes even after wearing glasses and bad habits of reading, like long-time reading, lying down while reading, or reading under dim light etc, can also lead to vision worsening. And there are people who regard glasses wearing as a kind of burden and thus keep taking off and putting on glasses all the time, which makes their eyes always in an unstable adjustment state. In this case, worsening vision is inevitable.

3. Mydriasis test optometry is important for teenagers.

Mydriasis test optometry is also called objective optometry. It is the optometry conducted under the condition of mydriasis and the state of completely paralyzed ciliary muscle by using certain drug. In this way, the influence and interference of eyes’ regulation and the possibility of pseudomyopia could be removed, and the accurate refractive status test could be ensured. After some time of the mydriasis test optometry, one needs to go check if the glasses made on the basis of the medical optometry result has ever cause any unusual discomfort such as dizziness, nausea, blurry vision, deformed vision or losing the ability of walking stably and so on. In this way, the objective result of mydriasis test optometry and the subjective result of this check are combined together, thus enables the best effect for the vision correction.

Some people are not willing to have mydriasis test optometry for fear of discomfort of eyes after it and inability of seeing things in front of them clearly. In fact, there is no need to worry for the effect of the drug is temporary and after some time, this effect will disappear as long as no such drug is used again. If one refuses to have mydriasis test optometry, there would have some deviation of the result due to the adjustment of ciliary muscle and crystalline lens. Therefore, mydriasis test optometry is a curial process for filling a prescription.

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