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The way to choose your reading glasses

As age goes up, you may find it become more and more difficult to read small prints. At this time, you may need a pair of reading glasses. Single vision readers are easy to found at your local drugstores, while some complex ones may require an optician’s prescription. 

1. Consult your optometrist at first if you think you have to wear reading glasses. If you find that you need to keep a newspaper or book far away from your eyes to read the print, you would need to wear reading glasses. An optician will help you find out how severe your vision problem is, and suggest you the proper eyeglasses strength.
2. Try on different pairs of reading glasses to find the pair matches you the best. Reading glasses degree range from plus one diopter to plus 3.5. Check the chart at the eyeglass stand, which will contain an eye chart to test different kinds of glasses. If you are able to read it comfortably, without feeling tiresome, it would be the prefect pair for you.
3. If you stay a lot of time in front of your computer, don’t forget to consider computer reading glasses. This kind of readers is relatively new, so you may have to consult your optician where you can got them. 
4. Decide whether you need bifocals, which include a magnification at the bottom half of the glasses. You can view over the top of the glasses without any stress where using bifocals. 
5. Figure out your stylish frame. No matter you shop your reading glasses at your local drugstore, from your doctor or via the internet, there are various kinds of choice for you, different colors, styles, and patterns. Try them on, and find a pair to fit your personality. If you shop online, some online stores also offer online try-on system. Don’t forget to have a try and experience the charm of modern technology. 

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