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The Glasses of Celebrities

There is no celebrity who does not love sunglass. It makes them looks great even without wearing a makeup, it can cover the dark eye circles, wrinkles and the weariness after days of traveling . It is the key point of the fashionable dress……The only suspicious saying is that sunglasses is used for avoiding the Paparazzi, because for the last several seasons the sunglasses is supper large and exaggerated, which seems to say:" here I am, I am the star!"

When the sunlight becomes more and more blinding, the sunglasses may be already added on you shopping list. As to the most popular sunglasses, you can find iton the faces of stars.

Sunglasses with broadside and large frames, retro fly-eye, and smooth lines ......the trend of sunglasses for this season still has followed the features of being supper large and exaggerated, as to the changes, please allow us to apply the Olympic spirit sentence: larger, more stickers, moreretro.

The super large spectacles frame that stars love

The popularity of the large spectacles glasses frames can be traced back to 1960s and 1970s. Audrey Hepburn had amazed the world with half of her face covered by the lenses, which made the original design of eccentric and flamboyant fashion became classic and popular around the world. Today, exaggerated and distinctive large frame, still become the key point of fashionable sunglasses but only with less mystery and more showing off. Once you wear it, you would feel like a star.

Large frame magnifies the visual effects of wearing glasses. Keep in mind the basic principle which is based on facial features: a round face fits a square frame, while a long face fits a round frame.

On the aspect of dress, large frame is suitable for simple clothing and exaggerated jewelry.

The favorite veneer line of stars

Just like a beautiful arc on the face, sunglasses with the design of veneer continues to release its charm. The flunent and smooth line of veneer sunglasses make it more effective to protect eyes when wearing it. And stars seem to enjoy very much the sense of security brought by the design of veneer.

Sunglasses with one piece lens is the main force of veneer design. Because of the large lense, the arc of sunglasses is particularly prominent in the presentation of the sense of design.

1. Compared with other popular styles of sunglasses in this season, veneer sunglasses is more tolerant with the shape of face, the effect of sunscreen is the best, therefore, the veneer sunglasses is recommended to purchase.

2. Rimless lenses have a stronger sense of veneer, with more vitality and dynamic.

The favorite exaggerated detail design of stars

Aiming at the exaggeration and large size, the designers are generous to their whimsy, and spare the design in the details. Colored glasses frame can highlight the shape of glasses more easily, the white frame with Hepburn style has the highest rate of being photographed. Wide temples create a neutral atmosphere, appearing to be even more casual and relaxing. Application of advanced plastic makes the big guy's weight is not the same "huge." The more eye-catching Logo design has become the best partner of oversized glasses.

The exaggerated detail design has a sense of weight, therefore the ornaments which would make people have top-heavy feeling, like earrings, necklaces and so on should be minimized.

colored plastic glasses frame seems somewhat "Kawai", so try to dress elegantly and simply to avoid the effect of laughter field.

The favorite retro fly-eye of stars

The famous movie "Top Gun" in 1980s, the handsome and cool aviator Tom Cruise made the Ray-Ban sunglasses famous. Cool but it has always been the first choice for men. Because the shape of it like a fly's eye and its ultraman style, it has high demand for face shape and the beautifying effect is worth exploring. But this season, the women bravely fall in love with it, only to express their individuality.

1. This shape of sunglasses has a high demand for the facial shape,you're your cheek or nose is too wide or your nose is not straight enough , just do not try it.

2. Retro fly-eye sunglasses will undermine a woman's sense of softness, it prefers the neutral, cool women with a bit punk temperament.

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