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Skills For Men To Choose Best Eyeglasses Frames

Nowadays, a pair of glasses frames has become one of the stylish necessities for fashionmongers. A suitable frame without glasses is just enough for you!

The design of brand frames would be good. The point is to choose a frame that suits you best. Well, the factors include the comfort, the thickness of your glasses, your occupation, skin color, face shape and even your hair style and beard.

There are a variety of styles of frames. In general, it can be classified into three catageries: full-rim, semi-rimless and rimless frames. The shapes are usually pear-shaped, drop-shaped, oval, rectangular and polygonal, which are formed on the base of suqare and circle.

Pay attention not to wear frames which have similar with your face to avoid the over emphasis of your facial line.

If you have a square face, the frame you choose should be wider than your face to make your face seem to be a little longer.

If you have a round face, then a frame with angles or a square glasses is suitable.

The frame that suits you most is determined by your face shape. Take a close look at your face and get familiar with the condition of your face. When choosing a frame, you should just go opposite with your face condition. For instance, a round frame is not suitable for a person with round face.

You could try frames of different styles. Maybe there is one that surprise you.

Usually light-skinned person matches with light colored frames; while dark-skinned person matches frames with dark colors. For example, white people may choose frames with pink, light brown or golden color to demonstrate their softness; while colored people may choose frames with red ot black color.

According to materials, frames could be classified into ordinary metal ally frame, high-grade nickel alloy frame or titanium alloy frame, the ordinary injection mode frame, plastic frame, carbon frame and frame combined with metal and plastic.

The frames made of different materials have different features: the ordinary metal glasses frames  is cheap; the high-grade nickel alloy frame is of high elasticity, but may be allergic to some people; the titanium alloy frame and carbon frame are light and really expensive; the frame of injection mode is cheap and usually with bright colors; the handmade frame seldem deforms but is expensive, too.

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