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Misunderstandings to glasses

Misunderstanding 1: A teenager who is myopic would suffer from worse vision once he/she begin to wear glasses.

Actually this has no scientific basis. We realize the occurrence and development of myopia is the result of both gene and environment. While the myopia occurs on teenagers is mostly because of the environment. The long-time reading at a close distance, bad eating habit and reading habit would lead to worse vision. It is not because of wearing glasses that make eyesight worse. On the contrary, wearing right glasses would relieve eyes from fatigue. A pair of glasses together with good habits can make the myopia under control.

Misunderstanding 2: Wearing glasses would make you ugly.

This could be wrong. When selecting frames, professional salesman will provide you with customized service which means to recommend glasses that suit you, including suit your face shape, your hair color and style, your skin color etc. A pair of good glasses can not only correct your vision but also can make you look perfect.

Misunderstanding 3: It is okay to use others’ glasses.

It is definitely NOT okay! Every pair of glasses is customized according to prescription, which means there is almost no possibility for your condition just the same as that of others. Therefore, wearing other people’s glasses will not have the correction effect, it only make your vision worse.

Misunderstanding 4: The most expensive glasses are the best for kids

As the price of glasses varies with many factors such as type, style, material etc, it is difficult for parents to find out the best glasses for their kids. Therefore, they usually choose the most expensive glasses. In fact, the best glasses are the glasses that suit you best. For kids, it is better to choose kids glasses with full frame and polycarbonate material which is safe and light.

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