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How to select frames that suit you best

The size of the frame

If your vision is bad and the lens is thick, usually, a frame with small size will be recommended to you.

For in this way, the high diopter could be lowered, and the conditon of distortion would be improved.

However high you diopter is, the distortion of the edge of lens with oversized frame would be more obvious, at the same time, the shape and size cannot match well with the shape of your face.

The shape of the frame

According to the shape of frame, there are full rim, simi-rimless, rimless glasses frames etc. when choosing a frame, try not to select the frame which has a similiar shape with your face. In order to avoid the effect of excessive emphasis of your facial lines. The rimless frames can go with any kind of skin colors and face shapes.

Usually there are round, square, rectanglar face shapes. The shape of face determins the shape of the frame that suits you. Take a close look at your face, and get famaliar with your facial conditions. When selecting a frame, you should go opposite the condition of your face. For example, if you have a round face, then the round frames may not suit you. But you can try frames with any other kinds of shapes, maybe there is one that would surprise you.

The color of the frame

There is no rule to follow when it comes to the selcetion of frame coolors. Usually, there are two catagaries of colors: warm colors like orange and color colors like blue.

Usually, light-skinned person matches with light colored frames; while dark-skinned person matches frames with dark colors. For example, white people may choose frames with pink, light brown or golden color to demonstrate their softness; while colored people may choose frames with red ot black color.

Match with your hair style

If you have fringe on your forehead, the the upper edge of the frame should not touch the fringe; if you are with curly hair, then pay attention not to choose the big sized frame so that your hair would touch the frame.

Match with your age

Ederly shall not selcet frames with cold colors. The plates could be purple or red, and the color of metal frames could be golden, silvery or silvery gray. While for young people, there is no limitations on the colors of their frames; and children suit with frames with light colors.

Match with fashion

Firstly you should consider if the trend conflicts with the your need for glasses or not. Then you should get to know the materials and prices of the glasses frames and the definition of the their brands. The frame that suits you most vary from the occasions, your disposition, hair styles, skin color and taste for styles. If you pursue for fashion blindly, there is a good chance that you would loose your own style. And an excellent frame is the perfect foil to yourself, if your pursuit to fahion excludes the frame itself you would lose your point.

Make sure your glasses are always available: many people now have several pairs of glasses in store. For instance, you could prepare two pairs of glasses at one time, one is for daily use, and style is better to be traditional and low-key style ; the other is for weekends and parties, with which you cuold be cool just as you like. For the traditional one, it should suit your face shape with thin and bright metal glasses frame. For the cool one, it could be the flat plastic frame or shiny metal frame with unique style.

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