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How to make up if you wear glasses?

Myopic glasses

The myopic glasses would make the size of eyes smaller, in this way eyeliner is the best choice for emphasizing the size of eyes.

Eye line: should be thick and heavy. And light colored eye shadows should be used in the area below the eyebrows and the eyelashes. If you have a pair of light-colored eyebrows, dark-color eyebrow pencil could be used to blacken them so as to make them harmonious.

The color of the eye shadow: a single color would be good for too many colors would weaken the characteristics of eyes. When making up, chocolate brown and brown eye shadow could be used successively from the edge of the upper eyelids to the area below the eyebrows.

For the eye makeup, it is likely to get seep or drop into the eyes, therefore, powder cosmetics with attached properties should be used. When draw eye lines,in order to avoid the liquid eye-liner contaminate the lenses, the eye liner should be applied before put on the glasses. False eyelashes should be avoided, and the foundation make-up should be moisten but never greasy so as to avoid sticking on the lenses.

Lipstick: The frame has made a strong impression enough; therefore the lips just need a little modification. The best choice is light colored lipsticks but the bright colored.

Reading glasses

Reading glasses has the effect to enlarge the size of eyes, therefore, light colors are good to be applied to make the makeup seem to be soft and elegant.

Eye line: people with small eyes could make proper modification with narrow eye lines and light-colored eye shadows. In this way, the eyes with eyeglasses would appear to be big and beautiful. People with big eyes need little eye lines so as to avoid emphasizing the impression of makeup.

Eyelashes: there is no need to have much modification. Remember to make it clean after using the eyelash oil, for if points or little cakes are left, the effect would be exaggerated. The eye brows should be modified carefully and keep tidy.

Eye shadows: the colors should be limited or the effect would be really funny with all kinds of colors, therefore, eye shadow with one or two colors would be perfect. Neutral tone like light brown, grey, light purple and pearl gray is good.

Plain glasses

There is a wide choice for plain glasses which look like a decoration. The metal thin frame makes its owner appear to be gentle and quite. The point is elegance and simplicity. The frame with amber color makes one looks classical and lively, soft and sexy. The makeup should be bright. The retro thin frame with round shape makes one feel knowledgeable, wise and confident. Eye shadow or mascara with bright color should be avoided, and light gray or light brown series would be good.

Contact lenses

Even the disposable contact lens could not be absolutely safe. The cosmetics used around the eyes should be clean and not be unscented or greasy. Before making up, contacts should put on in order to see clearly. Before removing eyemakeup, one should take off the contacts to avoid get the makeup into the eyes.

Eye line: The eye lines shall not closely contact the inner part of the eyes otherwise the eyes could not see clearly or would be uncomfortable.

Eyelashes: when apply a eyelash makeup, just be careful.

Eye shadow:powder eye shadow which is likely to get into eyes and contaminate the lenses should be avoided.

When use powder, make sure the extra has been dropped to avoid it get into eyes. If the contacts are still in the eyes, remember not spray perfume with eyes open.

Photochromic glasses

Eye line: should be higher so as to make eyes bigger and bright.

eyelash: just need a little adjustment. Mascara should not be used for it makes one look dull.

mascara cream: if the eyeline is applied, then the black mascara, which would make eyes seem to be heavy, is not suitable. Brownness, which would leave other the impression of tender and soft, is fine.

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