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Do you need to change your RX eyeglasses frequently?

Many people think that there is no need to change their eyeglasses frequently, and they would wear them from the day when they fill a prescription until they are broken or cannot be used any more. As a matter of fact, an ordinary myopia glasses wearer should change their glasses every one or two years for, the first, adjusting the degrees and the second, updating. Once there appears a scratch on the surface of your eyeglasses, its optical correction function would be affected, therefore, a regular maintenance and inspection is necessary. Besides, a timely update would also keep them working well.

A teenager myopia glasses wearer needs to change his/her glasses every half a year or a year. Teenage is a peak period of using eyes, and the ciliary muscle spasm would appear after the close-distance eye using for a long time. Therefore, there is a good chance that the vision would become worse. An optometry is needed for teenager myopia glasses wearer every half a year. And the glasses should be changed timely if they are not appropriate any more. Certainly, if the symptom is pseudomyopia , the vision could be restored after some rest and medical care, therefore, glasses are unnecessary.

In addition, reading glasses for elderly also need to change regularly. Presbyopia is caused by the aging of the crystalline lens. Along with the growth of the age, the degree of the aging of crystalline lens would increase. Only to adjust their glasses, their daily requirements could be met. There is no regular rule for the frequency of changing glasses. When they feel difficult when reading newspapers with their reading progressive glasses, it is time.

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