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Computer is a matrix of multiplication, from which not only anti-radiation masks, radiation protection suits and radiation protection maternity clothing were derived, but also anti-radiation glassess frames was derived. A huge industrial chain is driven by the small computer unconscuously. The anti-radiation glassess in particular with all kinds of dazzling colors and styles exist in the optical shops along the streets. The sales amount has kept increasing, and the trend of purchasing the glasses has great impact on the computer guys.

However, do you know how much a pair of anti-radiation glassess cost? One may say, "Certainly, the price is tagged on it!" Well, it do have a price tag, I do know that. Then do you know how to purchase the glasses? Have you paid too much for it? Well it involves the issue of the real price of the glasses, and there is much to learn.

1.Cheap prices. I have a friend who bought a pair ofanti-radiation glassess with really a fashionable style at the price of 12.95 dollars.I don't know where he got it, but he seemed to be content with it and wore it for half a month until he was finally aware that it had no effect of radiation protection at all for the condition of tireness and irritation of his eyes still existed when he used a computer. He felf puzzled and checked it at an inspection institution, and it turned out to be just a pair of spectacles.

2. The trick of the speciality stores and optical shops. Nowadays a lot of anti-radiation glassess are displayed in the optical shops for sale, and in most cases the quality of which can be guarenteed, but there are few cases when the cistumers are cheapted by the shops with fake glasses. In general, the shops could be trusted in a degree. But one thing you do not know is the glasses can be really profitable, amazingly profitable! The supply channel of the glasses for the optical shops is the glasses market, while the glasses of the market is supplied by the manufacturers, which means the glasses supplied to the optical shops is the second wholesale or even the third wholesale. Therefor, the cost of it is really high. When you buy a pair of anti-radiation glassess in a optical shop, the net profit made by the shop is the four fifth or even more of the price

you pay. That's to say, the price you pay for a pair of the glasses includes different kinds of expenses like the transfer fee of a distributor, the rent, the fee for lighting, stuff salries, taxes and so on. In a word, you pay too much for only a pair of anti-radiation glassess! In a optical shop or a speciaty store, a pair of the glasses would cost you 60 to 80 dollars, or even more. But the cost of it is only around 6 to 7 dollars. But how much is the cost of those whose price is about 10 dollars? Can you have the courage to believe the "anti-radiation glassess" or even buy it?

The pratical advantage of online shopping. Where there is a contrast, there is a difference, and where there is a need there is the price. Online shoppig is no longer something new, anyone who has a morden sense would be familiar with online shopping, to which many of people even get addicted. And there are reasons. As is known to all, on the internet, the stock of the anti-radiation glasses is huge, thus it is usually supplied by manufacturers once, besides, the cost of a online store is relatively low. All these have a direct influence on the retail price of the glasses, normally the retail price is about 20 to 30 dollars or even less. Introduced by a friend, I bought a pair of anti-radiation glasses online, its official name is computer goggles with three functions of protcection, which was manufactured in America. In it there is not only just a pair of glasse with really good quality, but also a professional detection lamp, as well a four-piece suit includes a specialized screwdriver and a bottle of glasses cleaning fluid. It cost me 34.95 with free delivery. Compared the inspection result from the equipped detection lamp with the result from a large-size inspection instrument, they are the same. It means it has a high radiation rate, which will not happen in a optical shop. For us wage earners, it was really a good deal. And I have wore it for about half a year.

Therefore, to those who have no experience of purchasing anti-radiation wayfarer glasses, it is better to avoid local optical shops. However low the promotional price is, the fact is you would always pay too much for its real value.

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