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US Patent 7,665,843 Filed: 21 February 2007

US Patent 7,665,843
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A method of spectacle frame fitting over public network, such as Internet, based upon database of product information and digitized user images as acquired via devices connected to computer. Particularly, consumers can take advantage of present method to choose spectacle frames from wide variety of selections, expeditiously by the use of public computer network (Internet). Consumers may use digital cameras, network cameras or scanned photos to submit facial image, and by way of calibration steps such as the gap between two pupils aligned to the marked pupil point of the stored spectacle images, the suitable size of the spectacle frame can then be determined for best fit to the facial image. With the accessibility and availability of the Internet, just a few clicks on the mouse enable the consumers to choose spectacle frames of their preference and in a way that affords wide selections at low costs and easy access.

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