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US Patent 6,761,449 Filed: 22 April 2003

US Patent 6,761,449
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A spectacles set includes a primary spectacle frame and a detachable shelter frame constructed for mounting in front of the primary spectacle frame. The primary spectacle frame includes a frame body which includes a pair of lenses, two nose support units rearwardly extended from the frame body, and two magnetic holders provided at the two nose support units respectively. The detachable shelter frame includes a shelter frame for supporting two auxiliary lenses and two magnetic attaching arrangements each of which includes a supporting arm extending rearwardly from an inner side of the auxiliary lens of the shelter frame towards the respective magnetic holder and a magnetic seat which is connected to the supporting arm and extended to magnetically attach the respective magnetic holder of the primary spectacle frame so as to hold the shelter frame in front of the primary spectacle frame in position.

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