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Men traditionally wear larger frame styles that are more masculine in design. Mens sun glasses with longer temples and larger lens options - put the other way round big sunglasses.



Women as a rule wear sunglasses as a fashion accessory with more feminine styling and coloring. Matching the color of the frame with current trends in fashion can create a great look for women. New trendy like Black Tortoise, White Sunglasses, Purple Frame sunglasses, Pink Sunglasses, Rose Sunglasses and Honey Sunglasses are very popular with women nowadays. Larger metal frames are now common in all premium fashion lines and often, current fashion colors are used to compliment outfits and accessories.



Medium frame sizes and neutral coloring that appeal to both men and women are increasingly popular throughout the sport and fashion world. Oval frame shape, round sunglasses and rectangular sunglasses are increasingly used by both men and woman. Taupe, Matte Black frame and Brown frame colors are very popular. Please note, that men need to be aware of the temple length when sizing unisex frames.



are very popular today as parents understand the importance of eye protection when the family is participating in their favorite activities. Smaller frame infant sun glasses that provide complete coverage are now generally available for kids in colors like Purple, Blue, Pink, Red and Green. As parents, we know how color selection for infant sunglasses is important to long term wear and usage. Safe polycarbonate lenses and strong Nylon frames provide safe - long term protection for all outdoor activities.


The shape of your face is important when selecting and fitting the correct sunglass.

There are several general face shapes: square, oval, round, rectangle and triangle. Take a few minutes to identify your face shape and the corresponding frame shape.



Try to add length to your face by selecting sunglases that are rounded and are not as wide as the widest part of your face. This will tend to bring in the appearance of a broad jaw line.



The oval face shape is the easiest to fit as the face is symmetrical. Make sure that the frame you select is proportionate to your face.



Select frames that have angular lines to sharpen and add definition to a round face shape. Rectangular sunglasses frame shapes will look good on you.



Similar to the square shaped face with a slightly longer face length. Big sun glasses and round frame shapes will fit you. Try to select frames that will add width to the face.



We would recommend you to add width in the eye area to offset the chin area. This will add symmetry and balance.

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