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Optician Craft Procedures

There are 10 procedures that optician craft lenses into frame

1. Inspect original lenses

2. Find center point of lenses

3. Cutting lenses to correct sharp

4. Cleaning lenses

5. Combine lenses into eyeframe

6. Test lenses with prescription data

7. Qualified one will be tested frame adjustment and flexible

8. Clean up complete qualified eyeglasses

9. pack it into box

10. shipping

Optician Fee

 A ‎licensed optician at CA, who earn average $42,000.00/year. it is around $20.00 for one hour. Moreover, Optician fee is less than $9.00 min wage at CA. However, we only charge $8.95 optician fees at some promotions.  We just want to offer our eyeglasses as affordable price to You.   Optician Fee is non-refundable.


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