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Sport Sunglasses - active sports like football, baseball, volleyball, skiing and climbing are best played with safe, sports sunglasses with nylon frames. Lens performance is critical. Check out our on-line stores to get a good pair of best sport sunglasses.


Fashion Sunglasses - fashion sun glasses tend to focus on the styling and appearance of the frame and less on the lens. Personal preferences drive the frame selection.

Fashion Sunglasses


Sport/Fashion Combination - some brands have merged sport and fashion together to create a combination sunglasses.


Rimless Sunglasses - frames that have a drilled hole in the lens to attach the frame and do not have a full frame around the lens are called rimless.


Aviator Sunglasses - the classic look of the aviator sun glasses is timeless and many men choose to wear this style. Lately, women have started to wear the sun glasses aviator style and it is considered very fashionable.

Aviator Sunglasses

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