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Non-polarized tinted are ideal for everyday, all purpose wear. Tinting of the lens creates true color definition while fighting harsh glare.


Polarized sunglasses are best for activities around water or in direct sunlight. How do polarized sunglasses work? The polarized film of the polarized sun glasses lenses is sandwiched between two halves of the lens and can not peel or scratch off. The polarized film acts like a mini Venitian blinds that are set at a specific angle to filter the chaotic light waves that cause glare. Polarized sunglasses reduce glare and illuminate eye fatigue. Please check our best polarized sunglasses!



Mirror sunglasses offer protection when you are in direct sunlight for extended periods of time. Activities like boating, sunning and people of different professions like construction workers or police officers can benefit from mirrored sunglasses if you are out in the direct sunlight.



Photochromic sunglasses have lenses that change lighter and darker depending on the level of UV light. Premium brands like Wiley X, Body Specs, Serengetti offer photochromic or transitional lenses that change as you move from direct sunlight through more shaded areas. Light adjusting photochromic sunglasses is a great feature for changing outdoor sun conditions. Please note that most transitional lenses do no darken behind a windshield, make sure you are using them under direct sunlight.



Anti-reflective coatings (AR coatings) are specifically engineered to eliminate annoying back glare and double images. When you see someone on TV wearing glasses and can see the reflection from the cameras in front and glare reflecting off of the lenses, they do not have anti reflective coating for eyeglasses. Most premium lenses have Anti-reflective coating.


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