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                                              How to Find Right Glasses that Fit You

                If you were wondering why frames can’t fit on you, but wanted to know why and how to choose correct frames that suit you.To find the correct fit for the people that have previous glasses , there should be a number on the side of the frame’s arms (temple) or behing the bridge, which you will need and memorize(note down). Then go to our website finestglasses.com and search for your choice of frames. After you selected your choice of frames, you should be able to see on the bottom of the screen, a description that says an eye size number. It would be better if you found the exact eye size number but if you don’t, you could just choose a frame that is 1-2mm above or below to find the right size that fits you. Ex: Eye Size Number (49-21-143-43), the underlined numbers are the number you are looking for when finding the right eye size number.

If you never had previous glasses before, you should go to any local optical store and try out their glasses to find the right fit for you. When you do, just look on the side of the frames to find the temple(or behing the bridge) and you will see the eye size number. You will also have to memorize the size number because it will be your eye size number. Once you have gotten your eye size number, you will always be able to find the right frame for you. If the eye size number is bigger or smaller than 3 mm from your eye size number, it maybe too big or small.
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