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Among the most popular types of lenses prescribed today are:

Aspheric lenses, which are not perfectly rounded on the surface, recently have been designed as a way to correct for small distortions in vision that can be associated with more traditional lenses. These types of designs also make lenses thinner and lighter.


High-index materials also are associated with thinner, lighter lenses, because of the more efficient way this special plastic refracts light to help you achieve focus. Because less plastic is needed with high-index materials, lens thickness is reduced.


Wavefront technology lenses are fabricated based on very precise measurements of the way light travels through your eye, which helps sharpen visual clarity.


Polycarbonate is a type of shatter-resistant plastic, considered a major advance over earlier plastics used in lens fabrication. Polycarbonate lenses also are lighter and thinner than basic plastic lenses, because they have a higher index. Because polycarbonate lenses are tough and scratch-resistant, they are highly recommended for children and active adults.


Photochromic lenses have chemical coatings or special internal changes allowing them to quickly darken in bright conditions, and quickly return to normal in ordinary indoor lighting or at night.


Polarized lenses diminish glare from flat, reflective surfaces (like water) and also reduce eye fatigue.


Anti-reflective coatings are among the most popular add-ons for lenses. They can dramatically improve the look and comfort of your glasses by minimizing reflected light that might otherwise appear on the lens, which also has the added benefit of reducing glare and thus easing eye fatigue.


Other lens coatings include scratch-resistant, ultraviolet treatment, and mirror coatings.

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