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Pupillary Distance PD self-test

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Introduction: Pupillary distance (PD)

  Pupillary distance or PD as it is commonly addressed is the distance from the centre of the pupil of an individual’s eye to the centre of the pupil of his other eye.  As surprising as it may seem, but a person’s pupillary distance may be different from another and that is the reason why sometimes glasses kept in a store do not perfectly fit an individual.

So, what should I do if my PD is not matching with the normal glasses kept at the store? Or is it really necessary to check my PD first before I opt for any set of glasses?  Well, the questions emerging in the mind of someone who has never before heard of pupillary distance is understandable and to answer all your questions there no better way than going for a PD self test online.

What is PD Self Test Online and where should I get it?

PD self-test or pupillary distance self test is one of the best software online and it helps you to know detail about your pupillary distance and the best size of glasses for your type of eye.  

Where can I get a PD self test done?

Not all online PD self-test software or cell phone apps provide accurate results about an individual’s pupillary distance and so it is very important to choose a website or an app that offers PD test with the least possible error.  Off all the people who have gone through PD self tests online, majority have heaped praises on the PD self test offered, more so because they offer PD values within a 0.1 mm error rate.  The precision and measurement accuracy at is unprecedented.

But, what makes PD test at the best?

Apart from their highly précised results, PD test at finestglasses also ensures that only authorized and legally affiliated information is used on their website making sure that the people are not feel cheated or misinterpreted.          

1. creates and legally owns the picture and the details of the patient shown on their website. It has been seen that websites are using details from finestglasses and using them illegally and unethically to attract more people. 

2. The PD self test software and apps, like the one at finestglasses, that use actual width distance of the eyeglasses instead of credit cards (some websites offering PD self-test use a width measurement system with the help of credit cards) are more accurate and precise in their results.   

 What is the procedure of PD self test followed by finestglasses?
pd test

Finestglasses provide the best PD self test application using a very elaborate and detailed procedure that ensures that the result acquired is of the highest accuracy.

The steps followed for its PD self test are:-

  • 1.  Uploading a picture of you, wearing eyeglasses
  • 2.  In the image, using the application, the user should point two green points on the pupil location of each eye and move twostraight green lines into eyeglasses frame location (wider is better). 
  • 3.  Provide true data of the width of the eyeglasses that you are currently wearing. You can measure the width yourself, just simply using ruler to measure.
  • 4.  As soon as you will insert the details, very precise information about your pupil distance the type of glasses you should opt for, will be displayed on the screen at your disposal.  
  • 5. will use correct PD value when you purchase prescription eyeglasses or simply e-mail it to you. 

 Therefore, apart from being the most accurate and detailed PD self test, finestglasses also has a unique and elaborative procedure to obtain data from an individual, which is the main reason they are widely regarded as the best in the market in this niche. 

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