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Vulcans, Wizards, and Hairy Tendrils: Superheroes in Glasses

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We all know that eyewear composes some of the most fashionable accessories out there. From supermodels and haute couture designers, to the highest rated actors and actresses, we have seen them shining on every fashion icon out there. This week, we are taking a look back at some of our favourite spectacle-wearing superheroes.


Harry Potter: How could we form a list of bespectacled superheroes without including The Boy Who Lived? Live he did, growing up at the same time as his original fans. With a swish and flick, this boy-mage sports some of the most iconic frames out there, and was cool before geek became chic.

: Speaking of geek-chic, who remembers this brainy wonderwoman? Fighting crime with her super acute intelligence, and no shortage of charm, this superhero donned a pair of specs in ’69, which have never been more stylish than they are today
Austin Powers
: Who else can have more suave, more sultry moves, and more panache than a British super-spy? Boasting more show-stopping psychedelic powers than was ever thought possible, Austin Powers is the epitome of seduction in his signature spectacles.

: Where else could you turn to for stellar fashion advice than the rock-star of humans and Vulcans everywhere? We are quite the fans of Spock’s futuristic eyewear, and he certainly has the approval of Lady Gaga and the designers at Alexander McQueen.

Sybill Trelawney: Of all the kooky professors at Hogwarts, we thought we would mention dearest Sybill. Giving an entirely new meaning to tea-time, this owl-eyed wonder has us gushing over her impeccable choice of eyewear. Flattering, one might say.


Cousion Itt: While the Addams family might not be especially brimming with superheroes, they are brimming with style icons for every generation. From the macabre glamour of the family’s matriarch, Morticia, to the always-perfect classic bow-ties of the family’s butler, Lurch, there is someone for everyone to look up to. Without the flawless spectacle stylings of Cousin Itt, this list would be incomplete.


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