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Undergoing Color Blindness Test

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The genetic state and deficiency in viewing definite and certain colors, which takes place in 8 percent of men and 0.5 percent of women is called color blindness or also known as Daltonism. It is passed through a defective faulty chromosome, which can be detected through an uncomplicated eye examination. Most patients who suffer from this kind of deficiency can actually see several kinds of colors, but they find it hard to recognize one color from the other, especially the colors green and red.

The retina is composed of cones and rods that work as light and color receptors. When these receptors fail to function correctly, you will not be able to recognize all types of colors. This defect takes place when one of the receptor cones lacks color. The cones situated in your eyes have blue, green and red pigmentation. Normally, the cones in your eyes will react when exposed to lights of those colors. Color blindness takes place through the person’s gene. The case is always inherited and males are more likely to obtain it rather than females. Most cases show that green and red are more difficult to identify for a patient with this deficiency. Being unable to identify the color blue is also common.

Unluckily, there is still no treatment to alleviate color blindness, but it should not get into your day-to-day activities too harshly. This deficiency is normally present at the time of birth through inheritance. On the other hand, conditions such as cataracts and diabetes can also result to alteration in vision. As a result, you will have to book an appointment with your eye doctor as soon as possible.

If you want to know if you are color blind or if you already know but want to make sure of your eyes’ capacity, you have to check yourself through the color blindness test. This is a free and fun way to undergo an eye examination. It caters to anyone of all ages and it offers various choices for you to try your vision. The examination is supported by plates that are pseudo-isochromatic. You will be shown figures and numeric characters to check if you can precisely tell what the image is. It will only take a few steps for you to finish the test and the results will come out as soon as possible with accurate outcome. This eye examination will check which color you do not recognize. The green and red is the most popular case of color blindness. You will be asked to take a look at the images with colored dots and spots. On each plate that is shown, there will be a number with a background composed of different colors that can only be identified by those people with normal visions, but not by those who have color blindness. Each plate projects variation of color combinations that aids the specialist in defining which cell is primarily affected.

The test is a very simple one. It is effectively fun, child-friendly and fast so you never have to worry to undergo it. You can feel free to visit this site color blindness test as they have the most up-to-date methods and products for your peepers that include economic prescription eye glasses and sunglasses, men’s / women’s / kid’s / eye glasses frame and they offer a patent free try on scheme for visitors.

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