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Top 5 Weirdest Eyeglasses: Superstars in their own right.

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Eyeglasses are known for being a fashionable accessory, with innovative designs, elegant structures, and beautiful tones. As with any form of design, however, there is always the drive to push the limit on novelty and production. With constantly shifting trends and the desire to stand out among everyone else, here are a few of the weirdest eyeglass designs for your perusal.


Forget about losing your glasses. Never again will you have to send an excavation team to dig your specs out of your well-kept mane. Pierced glasses are just about as weird as you can get with eyeglass phenomena, functioning with the help of pierced lens bridges in, you guessed it, the bridge of your nose.Convenient.Of course, if you ever decide that your go-go gadget lenses are in your way, you can always pop them off and strut the studs. Why you would want eyeglass details sticking out of your nose is an entirely different matter.

When someone approaches you from behind, creeping their cold fingers over your face to reduce your sight to nil, you really don’t like it. You love it. This is why you never want that feeling to leave. How lucky you are that the fashion world is so accommodating!
       Unable to categorize these frames as either super-hero or super-villain quality, we here at Global has chosen to call these frames Super Ambiguous. We are not entirely sure of their origin, but we think they resulted from a top secret experiment gone morbidly wrong. The reasoning behind wearing Super Ambiguous certainly lies in disguising oneself to be completely inconspicuous on the city streets. It is guaranteed that nobody will know what you are up to, why you are there or what in the world you are thinking.  

When you’re rollin’ in the dough, yo, where you gonna put the gold, bro? Under the mattress maybe? Nah, right on my nose, baby. While you’re at it, you might want to get a titanium reinforcement shoved up your nose to handle all that weight. Don’t forget to take out insurance on your frames, and be sure to keep them padlocked at your cranium.
How could a list of weird glasses ever be complete without the classic spy specs? There were a hit in the 90’s, and were probably around before that too. They seem to be losing some traction lately, with kids being more interesting in the latest i-click, instead of shoving awesome hairy eyeglasses on their faces. This is a staple for a healthy childhood. In fact, it is a staple for a healthy life, period.
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