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The Top 10 Armani Sunglasses For Men!

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Armani is a luxury designer brand that’s recognised for their distinct style, luxurious designs, and beautiful brand ambassadors.

Rihanna, Christiano Ronaldo, Megan Fox and David Beckham have all been featured as the ‘face of the brand’ before and it’s easy to see what these celebrities have in common. Apart from their good looks, they all ooze confidence and sex appeal.

Celebrities are always wearing their designer sunglasses; Michael Fassbender, Kim Kardashian, R.Kelly and Katie Holmes are just some of the celebrities recently spotted in their Armani eyewear.

Here’s a list of our top 10 Armani sunglasses for men:

1. Armani EA9618/S  

This Armani model is a unisex frame which means it caters to both the male and female audience. The sleek wraparound shape will offer you the highest level of comfort and will fit perfect around your face. If you are quite active and you want a pair of designer sunglasses for sports, the EA9618/S.
2. Armani EA9797/S  

This transparent, cream-coloured frame belongs to Emporio Armani. It’s funky, trendy, and very modern which reflects the style of Emporio perfectly. One of the brand’s best selling models (and colour), I guess our male companions are fond of cream eyewear after all!
3. Armani EA9666/S  
This model is perfect if you love the over-sized look or simply, just prefer a larger or wider frame. The chunky frame arms work well with the over-sized lens shape. Available in Shiny Black, the high gloss finish gives off a high-end luxury appeal. You can find this model in Fashion Eyewear’s Armani sunglasses for men sale!
4. Armani EA9745/S  
This beautiful havana coloured frame is fourth in our top 10 list of Armani sunglasses for men. The rectangle frame shape is an all-time favourite with male consumers so it wouldn’t be right to showcase a top 10 countdown without including these. Available in two shades, the EA9754/S is a versatile frame that can be worn with most outfits, day or night.
5. Armani GA916/S  
This is one of the aviator style models from the Armani sunglasses collection. A stunning design, the double bridge is a great feature on this model. The adjustable nose pad is great if you have a small face or a low bridge. Although this model is aimed more at males, women can also feel free to invest in these frames as they are unisex.
6. Armani GA921/S  
The Armani GA921/S has a classic, sophisticated design compared to the previous models. If you’re looking for a pair of ‘grown-up’ Armani sunglasses, these are perfect for you. This wide rectangle frame is perfect on people who have very angular or long face shapes. On smaller faces, this model may overwhelm smaller facial features.
7. Armani GA929/S  
These Armani aviators are sleek, stylish and very sophisticated. The wider lens makes this model great on wider or broad face shapes. The sleek and simple detail on the frame arms makes the GA929/S perfect for men who prefer quality, style and craftsmanship above everything else. This model is also available in brown.
8. Armani GA958/S  
This stunning detail on the GA958/S is breathtaking. The crystals adorned across the top rim and frame arms are in-laid by hand. Precision and craftsmanship went into the making of this model. When looking at Armani sunglasses for men price should not be an issue especially at Fashion Eyewear, there’s an Armani Sunglasses sale!
9. Armani EA9744/S  
These Armani sunglasses are super stylish. Produced from metal, the half-rim setting really plays on the frame’s masculine appeal. This is one of the models from the brand’s collection that is exclusively designed for men. The brand has ensured that this model is simple, classic and effortlessly stunning.
10. Armani GA918/S  
The last model in our countdown is the Armani GA918/S. This is a great looking aviator frame with a wider double bridge. If you have trouble finding sunglasses that fit across your nose bridge, you should definitely give these sunglasses a try. The adjustable nose pads will also help the eyewear to fit on your face perfectly.


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