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The Tag Heuer Rimless Curve Sunglasses Collection

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Founded since the late 1800′s, this French brand has always been recognised as experts for sports eyewear. Initially starting off with watches, Edouard Heuer was dedicated to bringing innovation and pioneering engineering to the watch-making industry

In 2002, the brand Tag Heuer started to launch into the world of optics which the brand states was a completely natural transition between accessories.

The brand started off with several sunglasses collections before moving the ophthalmic range. Tag Heuer’s avant-garde designs are not only aesthetically amazing, they are also made to last. This short post will review the Tag Heuer Rimless Curye sunglasses collection. Like most of the brand’s eyewear collections, they all have a sport-inspired look; this is similar to the brand’s watch-making counterpart.

As Tag is a brand that was developed for sporting professionals, it’s only right that the products reflect the brand’s identity. Every model has a sleek and aerodynamic design that oozes style and sophistication. The Rimless Curve always looks seamless and has been engineered to maximise comfort and wear ability.  The shield lens style has a very fluid design and offers the wearer a wider field of vision thanks to the panoramic lenses. The thin strip of the bridge holds the lenses together beautifully by small concealed screws.

The thick nose pad ensures that these frames will sit perfectly in place whether you’re driving or engaging in sports. The hingeless design is highly innovative; the small metal detail on the edge of the rimless frames are held in place by concealed screws. The temple stems are made from a flexible material, exclusive to the brand. This rubber-texture material is able to memorise your unique head circumference to provide you with the best fit and highest level of comfort.

Not only are these sunglasses comfortable to wear, they are lightweight yet resilient and very durable making them perfect for everyday use. Every element of this model is designed in France by the brand’s manufacturer, from the lenses to the temple stems. The Tag brand ensures that every product manufactured has to go through rigorous testing to measure the durability of the product. Once a product is deemed fit for wearing, it is then distributed to all reputable retailers.

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