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The Ray Ban Original RB5121 2000 In Black

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Everybody loves a pair of Ray Bans. From hot celebrities to budding, new trendsetters everywhere people are investing in a pair of these geek-chic glasses.

Taking the same design as the classic wayfarer sunglasses, the RB 5121 was bound to be an extremely popular model.

The Ray Ban Original 2000 in black is the best selling frame of this year. The model was created in the 50′s but its popularity never boomed until the 1980′s. The frames then nearly died out due to over-sized eyewear styles taking over the fashion world. In today’s society, everything that is deemed vintage or retro has brought back due to nostalgia. The memory of that fun-loving era was almost lost to the swarm of advanced technology and gadgets.
When people see a treasured, timeless item that they once loved, they don’t want to ever see it go. The old adage ‘less is more’ certainly applies to this model. The frame of the RB5121 has a simple design and minimal detailing which stays true to the original wayfarer design. The sophisticated and timeless black frame colour can never be beaten. When picking a frame, our impulse decision will tell us to go for the black.

Possibly because it can be worn with any other colour or pattern. The acetate material used to produce the glasses is made from organic sources such as cotton flowers. The properties that the cotton flowers give to the frames include the super glossy finish, smooth surface texture, and that warm-to-the-touch feeling. The smooth matte finish of the eyewear makes these optical glasses totally distinctive from other wayfarer-inspired styles. The unique temple stem design of the glasses is a unique selling point in their own right.

When the was originally created, the temples and frame arms were designed to resemble parts of a 1950′s Cadillac automobile including the tail of the Cadillac. Apart from its constant tribute to the past era, what makes the RB 5121 so popular? This one’s easy… it’s the mass celebrity following! Take a look at all of the trendiest celebrities and what do they all have in common? A pair of Ray Bans! The Ray Ban Original in Black has become an essential style-staple accessory for all.

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