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The Chanel Story You Never Really Knew About

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Every male and female have heard of the brand Chanel but do you know the story that lies behind the brand?
When Coco Chanel passed away, Karl Lagerfeld became the creative director of the brand. Lagerfeld ensures that he keeps the spirit of Mademoiselle Coco alive in his designs.

Even though she has passed away, her story is told through the Chanel icons. Each icon acts as a reminder of what Coco liked, loved, and believed in.

Simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance” – Coco Chanel

The 7 Chanel Icons

These icons can be found on every Chanel product, whether it’s clothing, accessories, or eyewear. Every model in the Chanel eyewear collection is dedicated to a certain icon. Which one is your favourite?

The CHANEL Signature

The ‘CHANEL’ signature is the most common icon; people who would see the signature would instantly recognise the brand.
Despite the bold statement of the brand name, the detailing is kept simple and elegant.
If you’re looking for an icon that’s more discreet, why not go for the classic interlaced ‘CC’ logo? The double-C logo is a very popular icon. It lets people know instantly that the frame is made by Chanel without being over-the-top.


This collection represents Mademoiselle’s love for horses and equestrian wear. The metal chain and leather strap designis said to be inspired by a horse’s bridle. High quality calfskin leather is used to produce this collection. This icon is the most popular among fashionistas, trendsetters and celebrities.

Matlassé (Quilting)

The matlassé icon is also another favourite among celebrities. Like the Chaine icon, the quilting pattern is also inspired by equestrian wear and Coco Chanel’s love for horse-riding. The material used to create the quilting is calfskin leather. The stitches are hand-sewn by skilled artisans.


Coco Chanel really loved tweed but for two reasons; Scotland and the 2nd Duke of Westminster, Hugh Richard Arthur Grosvenor. When the Duke and Coco were seeing one another, he’d always invite her to stay with him in his Scotland estate. She may have been on of the first women to ride horses like a man but he taught her to how to fish.


The white camellia is an Asian flower that represents longevity and purity; this was her favourite flower. The camellia portrays simplicity and beauty which reflects the brand’s identity perfectly. Every product of Chanel is designed to be simple, elegant, and beautiful.


Coco Chanel always wore pearls as part of her signature look. She didn’t care whether they were real or fake, she wore them all. Sometimes, she’d wear fake pearls of different sizes to create a unique look. Chanel was one of the first ladies from a wealthy background to wear fake jewellery proudly.

Lucky Charms

Coco Chanel was quite superstitious and also believed in astrology. In her apartment at the Ritz in Paris, she would surround herself with her lucky charms. Wheat is a symbol that represents prosperity and fertility; you can still spot some eyewear models with the distinct wheat pattern on the frame arm.

The bow is a another lucky charms symbol. Bows are said to represent romance and love; perhaps the bows would remind Coco of her first love, Arthur “Boy” Capel and the 2nd Duke of Westminster,  Hugh “Bend’Or” Grosvenor.
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