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thanksgiving Sales Kid Glasses

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 Thanksgiving sale is coming soon. does a lot promotions. One promotion is Prescription kid glasses w/nPC lens have 30% off.  Thanksgiving is always a best day for children to get gift from their parents. Give a children with eyeglasses with PC lens is a way to show parent’s love.  A polycarbonate (PC) lens is the latest material lenses which is significantly more impact-resistant than other lens materials.  When children are playing baseball, basketball or other sports, they may fall down as accident.  However, no parents want to see eyeglasses lenses hurting children’s eye if that happened.  PC lens only has cracked sign at lens instead break into scatter pieces, which makes prefect protection for children’s safety of eyes.


        PC lens is most doctors or optometrist recommend lens for children to wear. never offer glass material lens for children because glass lens is not safe for children if some accident happen.  No one want to see kid’s eye get wounded, right. It is parent’s job to give children “safest eyeglasses.” 

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