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Tech Tuesday: Google Files Patent For Laser Eyewear

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Google has filed a patent for mounting twin lasers on the sides of a pair of glasses to display a keyboard on a user’s body parts and use a camera to track a hand’s gestures for control.

‘An adjustable clip-in laser eyewear assembly for securement to the inside of a pair of eyeglasses. The eyewear assembly has a frame structure having a pair of filter lens frame members that are joined at the top by a brow bar structure having a spring member. Hooked clips are fixed and positioned at the top and exterior sides of each filter lens frame member. The hooked clips face outward from the laser eyewear assembly to position the assembly on the inside of the eyeglasses. The top and side clips in cooperation with the spring of the brow bar structure permit the adjustable securement of the laser eyewear assembly to the inside of the eyeglasses’
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