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Tech Tuesday- Vuzix Smart Glasses

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Vuzix has always been into technology eyewear. Will their new Smart Glasses compete against Google Glass? Here is what they say:

Until now, smartphone users have been wandering around, virtually blind. Vuzix smart glasses enable vision and sight, opening new vistas of opportunity.

Out of the box, Vuzix smart glasses M100 work with smartphone applications able to display on an external monitor. Apps can also be downloaded directly to the smart glasses for processing through its own OMAP 4 processor running Android ICS.

Now, switch up that out of the box “capability” for a little out of the box “thinking” and the smart glasses potential comes to life. Smart glasses aware and enhanced apps offer endless potential for end user and apps developers.


The Vuzix smart glasses M100 is expected to ship by mid 2013. Developers who start early can enjoy the benefits of being first to market with their innovative ideas.

Vuzix will soon release a “Vuzix Smart Glasses SDK” containing a Windows based emulator, sample code and access to a “registered developers only” assistance portal. Those purchasing a “Vuzix Smart Glasses SDK” will also receive an early production release of the Vuzix M100.

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