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Richie Is Crazy about Sunglasses

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Nicole Richie has a huge selection of pairs of sunglasses, but according towards the fashionista — they are work-related!

The 29-year-old mom revealed her shady weakness inside a new job interview with Teen Vogue, telling the mag she owns a great deal more than 200 pairs.

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“I watch them as enjoyment masks to accessorize your face,” she explained of her expansive specs collection.

Richie defends her huge array of options to beat the Los Angeles sunshine like a one thing perform she must do her career as artist and founder of home of Harlow and Winter Kate.

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“But in my defense,” she stated with laugh, “I make sunglasses, so I need to research-shop, and I personal just about every pair I have actually designed.”

As to the sleep of her wardrobe, Richie keeps it uncomplicated in jeans, tees and loose printed dresses.

“You alter the appear with accessories,” she informed the mag. “And by accessories, I suggest sunglasses, mind scarves, shoes, bed jackets.”

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Adding, “Comfort requires precedence for me.


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