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Ray-Ban Sunglasses Summer 2011

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Ray Ban Sunglasses founded by Bausch & Lomb on 1937 and today Ray Ban is the premier sun-glass manufacture in the world. The United States Army Air Corps is wearing the Ray Ban Aviator Sunglasses as the priority recommended brand since World War II. When General Douglas Mac Arthur landed on the beach in Philippines, the photographers snapped him wearing the sunglasses since then the Ray Ban is becoming more popular.

“The Icons” is becoming a new title for Ray Ban Sunglasses Collection in Summer 2011. It’s about the timeless icons that brought you back to the trendy stipulate from 1960s such as the small rounded style made famous by Jhon Lennon. They are sleek frames and reliable sunglasses brands in the world. Ray Ban is becoming modernized their product line, makes the celebrities, politician, musician and the people who loves fashion loves to wear the unisex Ray-Ban styles for Summer 2011. Enjoy them on this summer season and you will get the fashionable style with the Ray Ban Sunglasses.

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